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'The Yorkshrie Tripper' LWV/FL Trip Reports!


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Fantastic videos - Well done Jayjay and John!

I think my favourite was Jayjay's 'mingo vid, but as I say they're all brilliant! Is there anyone else that was filming and is yet to post theirs?


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^Yes, but in my case don't hold your breath! I'm a little behind with vids... :roll:.

Will have to wait until I get home to watch Jayjay's now, damn work and their YouTube bans!


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Ha JayJay I like the bit at the start of your vidio but I thought you were going to put:
"Lightwater Valley 2008
The yorkshire Tripper...

...But first a few words from Wise Man Willy."

That would've been funny.


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^ Yes, but I realised that that would look utterly ridiculous after thinking about it for all of 5 minutes.


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JayJay, I think you need to ask your daddy for a more compact camera for Christmas... Then It won't be such a burden and you can make more and even better videos.

Your videos are amazing.

What the HELL was I trying to get you to look at?


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I liked the LWV one JayJay, but it wasn't as diverse as the FL one - still great to watch though - on a par with Big John's I'd say (enjoyment wise) :)

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Damn. I wish I'd signed up for it now!!! Still, I should be going to Lightwater in a week or two with my mum and dad, and I've signed up for the Blackpool trip now so I won't miss out on that!!!!


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After completing 1 out of 3 days of a First Aid course, I'm now a qualified doctor. Tomorrow I'll be a surgeon and then on Friday, I'll be God.

I can inform you that when I was shaking and in a bad state on the Sunday morning of this trip, I was actually in shock from sunburn/heat exhaustion. The alcohol that I consumed the night before added to the shock. And it certainly wasn't a hangover.

So there.