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'The Yorkshrie Tripper' LWV/FL Trip Reports!


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I'm having a great time... revising...



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Well, that was awesome.

People were great, the weather was great, the rides were fun, so all in all, a big thumbs up from me. Plus my legs and knees haven't been crippled by the Ultimate this time. I got a few decent photos today, so I'll have to go and sort through them and see if I can upload a few later.

Bring on day two.


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Good day with excellent weather, park wasn't busy at all, with queues never being above fifteen minutes - great day had!

Hammer wars FTW.


Hope you all had a fab weekend :)! Gutted I missed this one, but I should be definately there for the next one!


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Weekend FTW.

Both parks were proper awesome, and the weather was proper nice all weekend (sunburn isn't ftw though, but that was just me being 'brave' as Lucy put it).

At LWV it felt like I had a chance to speak to everyone as well which was great.

I'm going to put some aftersun on, but alls I'm gunna say is "ere look at that squirrel you!"


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Excellent day at Flamingo Land with a good ERT session packed in, I wonder why so many people sat out after only one ride though - I would have hoped that with a park going to these lengths, without asking for anything in return, people would have shown more enthusiasm towards the moment.


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Well, I can safely say that day two was as awesome as day one. Loads of fun rides (including some very wet ones), and it's been great to see everyone again.

Harvey said:
I wonder why so many people sat out after only one ride though - I would have hoped that with a park going to these lengths, without asking for anything in return, people would have shown more enthusiasm towards the moment.
Unfortunately, I had to leave the park after one ride in order to get home. I'd originally planned for a 5pm ERT session. My train from Malton to York was at 7:10, so if I'd not left when I did, I'd have risked missing it and had a two hour wait. (As it turns out, the bloody train was around 20 minutes late anyway).

By the time the managers had arrived, the ride ops had got organized and started sending trains, it was nearly 6:20 and my taxi was booked for 6:40. If we'd been able to start at 6pm sharp, or the ERT had been at the originally scheduled 5pm, believe me, I'd have been there for the full session. Despite all that, a big thumbs up and a sincere "thank you" to the park from me.

Hopefully once I can drive most of these problems will disappear.


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Good Trip, Really Enjoyed both days,
Best bits Hammers at Lightwater & Splash Battle at Flamingoland (although the ERT is a Very close second at flamingoland)

Hope everyone has got home safe. Thanks to everyone for turning up and making it a good live, especially thanks to Robb & Ian for organising and Slayed for Transport help.


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Got back to Stansted at around 11:15, but had to take Jordan and Ali home so ended up at an hour later. No worries =]

Really enjoyed the weekend, Flamingo Land was awesome, especially the splash battle =]

I am growing to love the Ultimate a bit. Ahhh well!

I am sun burnt with the jokey panda eyes lol!

More soon!


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Harvey said:
Excellent day at Flamingo Land with a good ERT session packed in, I wonder why so many people sat out after only one ride though - I would have hoped that with a park going to these lengths, without asking for anything in return, people would have shown more enthusiasm towards the moment.

Without knowing all the facts why some people i.e me only rode ert twice you should not make comments about people. I suffer with a bad neck and twice was enough for me and I had a 4 hour drive. People were also taking pictures and video to show other people from CF enjoying the ERT, just beacause people did not ride in 10 times does not mean people were not greatful about the ERT.

Any way just got home best live I have had was really good.

Thanks John and Tanya for letting us stay, thanks Ian for getting the ERT and Rob for great organisation :)

Thanks mr sun for 2 days of the best sun shine.


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w00t! Excellent weekend....

I managed to not get too much sun burn which was nice....

Lightwater Valley was awesome as usual! Lots of fun to be had... The Ultimate seemed a lot less painful than usual.... i only have one small bruise on my knee.... maybe it's because i didn't ride it as much....

Flamingoland was l337! Managed to sit out the worst of the rides due to a headache, but i did manage Kumali twice throughout the day.... Splash battle is amazing! Perfect for a hot day :D

The food is also much better which is a releif.... i was very impressed by the effort put in by Flamingoland to improve their park.... Let it continue ^.^

Managed to get back about half 10ish after some epic traffic and such....

Thankyou for a lovely weekend everyone!

Especially Pierre..... You know you love being soaked really :p


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Got home last night at about midnight, and, apart from a couple of downers, it was a fantastic weekend.

Flamingoland was much better than I expected it to be, and I think that a few more grassy areas would make the park even better.
Lightwater was ok, but the worst thing about The Ultimate is easily the greenhouse-style queue.

Good to meet Harvey, Andy and Nicky for the first time.
Thanks to everybody that made this weekend possible, it was excellent.


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What a fantastic weekend.

Flamingoland was the better of the two days- mainly because the park is so ****ing awesome. Great rides and great faff on Splash battle, the cycle monorail and the awesome bongo warriors.

Seriously, proppa good weekend with too many good things to list.

Great to meet Harvey, MouseAT and Nicky for the first time and I'd like to thank Big John and Tanya (and Jean and Ernie) for putting us up and being such awesome hosts (as always), to Ian for driving the 900 mile trip and to Martyn for lending me 30p in Burger King also to Rob for the organisation and Ian again for the ERT). And of course to everyone for making the weekend so good.

Roll on the next one!


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Proper quality live.


Got there about 9:30 only to find the gates were shut! Luckily a few CFers were there so I didn't have to hang around on my own, so we had a coastery chat about some of the foreign coasters some of the lucky gits are going to be riding in July :p
Gates opened... wahey we're getting somewhere... but then we stopped further up, they only opened the gates to stop the traffic overflowing onto the main road :lol: I don't quite think they expected a whole group of CFers and a massive group of people dressed as schoolboys/girls.
We went to get our tickets, which we nearly got for free haha, the ticket lady marked Martyns £20 note to see if it was real, and when she verified it was she went to hand it back to him! Off to get our tickets stamped, and I thought the lady was hand-stamping, but she wasn't :( I asked for it to be stamped anyway, and she did, after a bit of convincing that I really wanted it stamped lol.
Once we were in, the party bags were handed out! Queue the bubbles, haribo and party poppers which I thought was a great way to kick off the whole live. Just everyone mixing togethor and opening their bags like children opening their presents at Christmas, it set the tone for the weekend :) .
Off to Eagles Claw, LOL... I hid my keys and phone under Wills bag but then Will couldn't get on and took his bag leaving my stuff exposed! I wasn't too happy about it until Phil pointed out the valid point that people were hardly going to risk getting kicked in the head for my car keys and phone. I tried defending my distress by claiming my car keys would be worth it, but I soon realised I wasn't convincing anybody :lol:
HORNETS NEST was next! I really wanted to ride this as it was closed in Pleasureland and closed at LWV last year... this year it was OPEN! :D Sat next to Raybould on it, which was the first time I'd sat next to him on a ride, and Hornets Nest made sure we made up for all that lost time by locking us in at the end :lol: . The ride itself is proper sweet, when you got a flip on it as you were going towards the floor that was quality.
After that we all went to the treetop twister (the spinning wildmouse, Ians favourite type of ride)... however I don't think Stone Cold liked it as he tried to demolish the track with the ride ops height marker! Luckily he didn't demolish it and we got to ride... although it was as average as I can remember :lol:
Did somebody say The Ultimate? Most of us don't need asking twice and off we went. One train operation though... pfft. Furie found an entertaining way to amuse himself while going through the boring routine of the two lift hills :lol: and I had sheer panic because I had a lolly from Rayboulds LOTS OF LOLLIES bag, and I was ohping to finish it before the ride, but I didn't. I held onto it for the first section and tried to finish it before the second.. BUT I DIDN'T. I had a drastic decision to make, do I litter the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside or do I risk choking on it by eating it quickly. I chose the latter and luckily I didn't choke :lol: Furie got a very interesting and perfect POV from his seat.
We did the RAT after that (not Harvey that would just be wrong, the actual coaster...). The queue was as interesting as always, but the ride is pretty average and lets far too much light in now as well.
We came out to do the skate karts only to find Ian doing them while we were on the Rat, getting in practice before everyone has a go :lol: The skate karts provided loads of fun as usual and I only managed one full circuit all day :(
We broke for dinner, and were refused pasta as they didn't have any left, I wonder why that was Mr. Raybould?! "Oh yeah I just slid my pasta tub across and it just tipped on its own all over the counter!" So there you have it, LWV is so technologically advanced they have their own Pasta-tubs with self-tipping mechanisms! And because of that the guy in front of me got the last lot of Pasta! Had to settle for a spud and curry and a COKE.. £6.40, skanks.
We all met at Grizzly bear at 2pm and Sam was a little upset after his beloved Palace lost 2-1. Grizzly bear is just the average little fun pinfari really.
Off to the Wave, where Stone Cold annoyed Lain throughout the whole ride, blowing his party bag horn and shouting a valid reason for doing it on every swing :lol:
After that there was a load of typical antics on the grassy area outside the Wave, hammer fights especially... standing behind people trying to trip them up... wrestling people :lol:
Off to the kids area so the people who hadn't been before can get the kids coaster/credit and did the group photo there. Martyns a spaz, had us looking around for his 'lost' camera lens, the one he put in his bag!!
The group went off to do the Trauma Tower which I didn't fancy so had a refreshing drink with Sam, Joey, Ian, Nic, Lain and others I can't remember! And stole a load of Sams nachos too!
We headed off to the falls of TERROR. Done the steep slide because the queue for the curly slide was atrocious. Slayed managed to lose his cap right at the bottom of the slide :lol:
Another kids credit was to be done, and this time it was the ladybirds turn, I sat out because I've already shamed myself for that before, so we just sat and annoyed Will for a while!
By this time it was about 4:20ish! We went for one last ride on the Ultimate which had quite a biggish queue, so that took us pretty much to closing... so we naturally just abused the skate karts until the ride operator was ready to go home... I reckon I would have done another circuit if Stone Cold didn't give me a vicious push start :p
Proper brilliant day and I remember everything so clearly for a change! I'll do Flamingo Land tonight and post some faff photos :)


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I had a great time, thanks to everybody that organised it!



Nah, I don't do lame trip reports like some people.

So, first off we have Lightwater Valley.

Lovely weather and nice, manageable sized group. w00t! The party bags went down well (and Mike thanked me for it! :p) and everybody was sugaring themselves up for a hot day ahead.

Was also a good time to meet Andy and Nic who effortlessly gelled with the group! Sometimes you get a few n00bs attend a Live and they stand on the sidelines for a bit. That's all fair and good but I'm convinced n00bs have a better time if they throw themselves into it.

First stop was were the two horrible spin and spew rides near the entrance. As always, I sat these out using the excuse that I was "going to film". More like I didn't want to be sick (that was going to happen the next day!).

I filmed a few minutes on these rides but soon got bored when...and I hope furie caught me saying that Rabould's videos are crap on camera :wink: Notable moments here was Will doing the Walk of Shame from Eagles Claw and then being a berk by getting his arm caught in the restraint thus holding everybody up! LOL! Also Pierre had the pleasure of sitting next to Raybould for a while longer when their restraint wouldn't open on that spiny-wasp ride.

A short walk to the spinning mouse coaster. Again, I sat out and filmed members on ride because I don't do spiny.

Walking over to t'Ultimate, I put the camcorder in the bag as I couldn't be arsed to film anymore. The queue went by quick quickly with plenty of bubble-action, including me and Hoyer queering up our bubbles and me and Sam checking out the chavvy birds, or "jailbait" as Sam refers to them.

Sam and I managed back row (much to Joey's disappointment :p) on t'Ultimate. I had a bit of trouble getting my seatbelt up and was a tad concerned when the older male ride op did it for me and winked at me as he walked away! I tried to blow bubbles on the ride but realised it was a fruitless exercise so I dumped them to endure the ride. Surprisingly, it didn't batter me that much and I had a good ride.

I couldn't be arsed with the Rat so I sat under a tree with Rach (not K-I-S-S-I-N-G!) and had an ice lolly and a tab, which ended up blistering my hand. (I just popped it funnily enough.)

Rach and I got bored of the tree and went to faff about on the Skate Karts. As people left the Rat, they joined us on the Karts and most people managed several goes on them. I was awesome as always, even the ride op (who I thought was five-pints-later fit) said I was an expert. Yeah! I had to LOL at the ride op making Raybould walk round the track and not over the grass - she was joking. Oh how we laughed!

Lunch time! Had a jacket spud with Big John, Tanya, Mark and Marc. Jordan and Ali joined us a tad later on and we spent a while talking about stuff :)p) and about theme parks.

With twenty mins until end of lunch, we went and chilled by the Jizzly Bear waiting for others to arrive. Time was spent messing around with balloons, hooters, getting an earful of water from Joey's ring (ooo err!) and yeah, the bubbles. Best bit was when furie steamrolled Lain! LMAO!!

Again, I sat out the coaster and just sat around - cleaning up mainly! - and messing about.

Off to the pirate ship next. Again, I sat out on the grass with a large group of CFers. Sat around talking to Nic mainly and hitting Will with an inflatable hammer.

Then we had a great faff. When I say faff, I don't mean faff-faff, but a play-faff. This mainly involved me kneeling behind people as Big John pushed them over. LOL! John and I also tried to rugby tackle Raybould. Yes, we're bullies, but we mean no harm! And we can take a joke back, ya'know!

Walking towards the kiddie coaster, I playfully twatted Mike with a hammer and he went PSYCO! I thought he was going to kill me. Mike, you really need to take a chill pill and not get stressed so quickly!

Guess what?! I didn't ride the kiddie coaster and just hung around discussing sexual things out of earshot of the younger ones. I was also concerned that my wee was bright yellow despite drinking water by the river-load. Group photo was next..not very eventful but a must!

Joey, Lain, Will, Pierre, The Rat, Big John, Nic, Sam and I went to the pub during the drop tower thing to have a refreshing drink. We spent the time eating Sam's nachos.

Water slides next up! God, it was warm up those steps! I rode with The Rat on the steep drop. Waiting for others I managed to score a free ice lolly due to a distracted shop bloke...I had to pay for the water though! Slayed's hat fell in the water which I found funny although I was jealous when I realised how refreshing it must have been!

Ladybird was up next. Got chatting to the ride op, who is "rollergeek" on CF. He gave up four circuits! LOL! Cheers!

Another go on t'Ultimate was next. I didn't want to queue in the sweat smelling greenhouse so I bag ladyed. I glad I did as I managed to perv on some lovely ladies wearing tartan skirts! Mike joined me and I got chatting to him. We sorted out the hammer incident, lol, and talked about life in general. Pierre and Martyn tried to get me to touch his leg. There are some things I'd do for a cheap laugh but I was scared Mike might go PSYCO again!

The day was polished off, as always, with the Karts. Again, I ruled.

And that was it!

Had a brilliant day out, spoke to everybody that I wanted to and felt good all day.

My thanks go to Jean and Earnie (pass that on, John!) for the floor space, Rob for organising, Slayed for the badges and, of course to everybody that turned up.



I had a great day. Thanks!

(Flamingoland report later!)


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Pfft... That wasn't Psycho (which, coincidentally, is my nickname in my Cricket club :p).
There are far worse things that I've done in my life. :p