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'The Yorkshrie Tripper' LWV/FL Trip Reports!


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^Lol, I spotted it =]

So yeah, my second offcial Live and things have only gotten better (especially weather-wise) since Oakwood!

I'd been to LWV before but it was ten times more enjoyable with you lot, you really know how to make people laugh and I know that you only do it to entertain yourselves as well as everyone else. What would otherwise have been a mediocre amusement park turned out to be a fab day out with CF, so thanks everyone for that =D (Plus 3 "credits" yay)

I absolutely adored Flamingoland and will DEFINITELY be heading back there in the not so distant future, if it wasn't for CF I probably wouldn't know it existed. Just everything in that day was brilliant, rides, food, weather, antics, people etc. Just a really excellent time.

So special thanks to Rob(b?) for sorting this one out, couldn't have done a better job if I tried, you really pulled it off. Also to Ian for ERT organising and party bags =D

Also wanted to comment on motorway antics on the way home with Slayed and nicavecminis cars =] Never has a traffic jam been so fun!

Pretty annoyed that I won't be attending the next few lives but if I don't see anyone before, I'll see you all again at Blackpool =D

-Jordan x (and Ali who didn't know what to write =])


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Nice photos everyone.

Me posting again? Surely not without a link?

Well I have.

My better than bunnies video =]


Enjoy, song is Elliot Minor - Parallel Worlds


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That's a pretty good video actually Mark, I enjoyed it. Shame you used Elliot Minor :p Its like using McFly in your video or something, lol. There's a decent amount of action and timing in there though, thee one thing i did notice that would improve it is just the positioning of the point of interest in the frame. Sometimes its a bit central, which doesn't draw the viewer's attention to it, and sometimes it goes out of shot. Good video though, enjoyed it, wish I was still there!


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Just to let people know Robbeal is 'Rob' not 'Robb' :p

I've been giggling away at the number of people putting Robb :p

This weekend is going to be rubbish compared to the last one now....

Pierre is still insisting i was unjust with the water in the group photo, but i was just trying to make sure we got it right first time :p :wink:


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Lucy, I think I can honestly speak on behalf of everyone on the forum and say that you did the right thing by soaking Pierre.


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It was funny all I could see was the water dipping and Pierre not moving due to the photo being taken.

I never knew water could be so much fun but over the weekend it gave so many laughs.

Thank god we went last weekend and not this weeked.

Last weekends live has given me more good memories than my trip to California, that says alot for CF and you guys.


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No complaining about getting soaked anyway, since you went on Splash Battles, which was totally awesome, ha, :D


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Love your photos, Joey!

And Raybould - wow, what a good video! Decent pace, flowed well, no 'dead track;, good mix of antics etc. I even managed not to squirm through the not-my-cup-of-tea music. Still a bit of camera shake in there, but yeah, good stuff!

(Although my PP video is still better)


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Nah, Harvey just seems to think it's funny to remind everyone that Robs full name is Robin everytime the name spelling thing comes up. Weren't the first time, probably not the last lol.

Im being really lazy and still havent decided on my video music. I keep looking at the footage and cant think what to put with it to compliment it.


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LOL, I was badgering Big John about his video last night on MSN.

We went through loads of music. Apparently my suggestions were "well gay". :lol:

I've decided on a tune that I must use for a cheesy CF-Live/meet up video when I next do one but that depends if Big John nicks it for this one :p

Raybould, when you're next online, send me over your FL one and I'll get it on CF.


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That's just it, I cant decide whether I am going to go cheesy or actiony, or film soundtracky. Some of the footage is really good and some is really yawn zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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Here is my long awaited video for Mingoland. I can't be bothered to do a Lightwater one now.