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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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Well, aren't I glad to be proven wrong :)

The new boats make sense though, and are a good way of reinforcing to the public that the ride is safe and extra measures have been taken.

Matt N

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How can you tell from the image? It’s a bit too blurred for me to tell what it is, but it would certainly make sense if he was returning, what with it being Blackpool’s 125th anniversary season!

The park does seem to be on a bit of a nostalgia drive as of late if Mr Funshine is returning, as there were also rumours circulating about Beaver Creek returning as well. I’m not complaining if they are, as I think it’s nice for a park like BPB to focus on their history!


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I have one of these :)

Matt N

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I’ll admit I wasn’t immediately sure who Mr Funshine was, and what significance a smiley face had to BPB, besides remembering seeing the smiley face in the Blackpool documentary from the 90s.

Mind you, this is coming from someone who lives in Gloucestershire and has only visited Blackpool twice, in 2018 and 2019!


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Ahhh, Mr Funshine! When I was a kid he was everywhere - and at Morecambe and Southport too, so you knew they were all the same company. They knew how to do branding in those days!


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I think people (myself included) are happy to see the return of the logo, strange though it might be, because it harkens back to the golden age of the Pleasure Beach, prior to Mandy's reign of terror when no shortage of classic attractions may as well have been replaced by Manneken Pis in a blonde wig...

Sure, it's a little old-fashioned and nostalgic - but that's exactly what people WANT and expect from Blackpool. Sadly, I didn't visit the Pleasure Beach until 2004, so never really got to see it as intended.

...OK, I hadn't realised I felt quite so strongly about this either :D


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Very small news for those that are nerdy enough to care :p

But thanks to a list from the company the RCDB now credits every Vekoma coaster to the person at the company who designed the ride. A nice little addition.

Quite interesting to look at which specific designers designed which models over time.


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Pinball X from Dreamland in Margate looks to be on its way to Flamingo Park in Hastings.

From what I remember of Flamingo Park, they may need a bit of an extension to fit that in. I'm still missing that damn cred.
Looks like this is confirmed now:

I'd been counting on getting this cred at Dreamland this summer, looks like I'll have to make a detour to Hastings now. Here's an aerial photo (Bing maps) to illustrate Will's point about the park:

For Dreamland, this was the 3rd Spinning mouse they had on that site since reopening in 2015, I wonder if they will bring in a 4th one! Dreamland do have a full looking calendar of events and things, but still no word on when they are reopening the rides (their website says the vintage rides make them impossible to operate with social distancing, which I don't really buy). Selling off their biggest (sellable) ride can't be a good sign.


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Urgh, I'm really sad for Dreamland. It's a park I really enjoy just because the vibes are fun and they've done some great Halloween events.

Hastings is actually really nice too so glad to see Pinball X find a new home. Fun fact, that pond you can see in the photo - I saw a dad having a terrible time trying to manage three small kids right by it a few summers back, and in his distraction he hadn't noticed that his buggy had rolled away and fallen in. I ran over to see if he needed help and he yelled at me, so **** that guy, I hope he's having a terrible day.