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Small News From The Theme Park Industry


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Reverchon have modified their wild mouse design with a new element, the "stall turn".
Nothing new... I believe there are already a couple in operation with that element (the one with the fast lift comes to mind).


Nice to see a POV of it. I love a Reverchon mouse and I think going straight from the overbank into the big drop makes the layout look more fun. Great to see the awkwardly profiled bunny hop at the end remains too.


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Some nice Promo videos of some of Golden Horses new models

First up is the new Terror Tower ride at Happy Valley Shenzhen. This appears to be an indoor freefall towers with screens kind of like the Moser Multimedia tower concept that opened at Global 100 Theme Park in Hainan last year.

Then we have their new Racing Junior coaster model. The first of which opened this year at Enjoy Land in Zhengzhou and is themed to the Tortoise and the Hare. The 2nd is already constructed at Dragon Valley Nanjing and due to open next year.


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I think the racing junior coaster looks quite fab, actually.
It kind of makes sense for them to deliver a few real hits at this point. After all, no matter what they started out as, after many years of building coasters Golden Horse would be bound to pick up some knowledge and experience about how to design and build coasters. If you spend several decades copying master painters, you'll end up a pretty decent painter yourself.

Then again, Zamperla has been doing coasters for a while now, and they don't appear to become any smoother...


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Karnan is great, and Fluch is alright (can't speak for the others yet), but they've still got some horribly lumpy shaping in them. However good Gerstlauer seem to make a ride, they always manage to let it down with a bit of crappy shaping somewhere.

And most of the rest of their rides are trash, so...

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I absolutely love Gerstlauer coasters, I have had the chance to ride so many of them already (Fury, Karnan, Karacho, Lynet, Junker, Takabisha, Wakala, ...) and loved them all. Okay they may have some rattelings here and there, but thats just some free character added to the ride. Just can't wait to see them build many more unique and fun rides and will always happely ride them.

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Yes, but still a better track record than Zamperla. Have you ever even heard about a Zamperla coaster with a net positive influence on the state of the world?
Their new Junior Coaster model (Octonauts at Alton Towers, amongst others) is pretty good for a kiddie coaster! I haven’t done any others besides the powered coaster at Drayton Manor, which I also have to say wasn’t a bad ride at all, in my opinion!

So I don’t really have anything bad to say about them from my (admittedly very limited) experience!


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I've always found Gerstlauer can do family rides brilliantly, they just struggle with anything thrill based. The Gerst family coasters and bobsleds I've ridden have been fab, full of airtime and smooth. It's only the Eurofighters and larger that I've found rough.

Zamperla is similar. The smaller the ride, the better!