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2020 continues to take and take...

Not worth its own topic as I do not believe its the start of anything major that will eventually be China 2.0; plus we've all had enough of Phantasialand topics for now no?
Following an incident with water damage in the building housing Hollywood Tour and Fantissima (Crazy Bats being above both has been unaffected) has led to the ride being closed for most of this season and no restart date yet announced for the dinner show while repair work is ongoing.

Unexpectedly however Hollywood Tour has today disappeared from the online park map and in park app. Have the challenging financial effects of corona led to them deciding now to keep it SBNO for the rest of 2020 as a cost cutting measure?
Or last minute its now been given a much earlier than planned retirement? (given the next project is extremely likely based off evidence + rumours to be Geister Rikscha's replacement)
Or just a mistake with the website? haha

Well 5 days later and Hollywood Tour remains on the park's website listed on the attractions page and its own webpage is still live. Also worth noting the digital map marker/link for the popular dinner show Fantissima housed in the same building directly beside HT has also been removed. The venue was also affected by the water damage incident and as repair work continues it has no restart date set yet. (Normally its season starts September) The coaster Crazy Bats in the same building was not affected as its located above both.

Personally I'm sticking with my prediction its just a sign Hollywood Tour will not reopen this season but will return for 2021. While it's removal is 100% a question of when not if - it is not leaving for a few more years yet.
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Efteling are removing Polka Marina, one of the smaller flat rides near Python, and replacing it with a children's play area:

Sounds like there's a big focus on accessibility and making it suitable for anyone with disabilities. Intrigued by what the 'roller coaster inspired elements' could look like.

I'm all for improving accessibility and it is something that does get pointed out sucks at many parks such as Phantasialand and even Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
But that area in Efteling is pretty much furthest removed from the entrance. It seems a somewhat strange location to me if people would mostly be coming for just that.

Curious to see what it will look like though.


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Yesterday was the last day Walibi Holland's infamous Condor operated with its original trains, as the park is now closed (Halloween events for the first week of November were canceled) and the coaster will be renovated with new vest-restraint trains in time for anticipated park reopening on April 2nd, 2021. The surrounding area will also see an "exotic" facelift.

https://www.looopings.nl/weblog/155...d-vervangt-oncomfortabele-Condor-treinen.html (in Dutch)


In other Walibi news, the lone Walibi-branded park not owned by Compagnie Des Alps, Walibi Sud-Ouest, will drop its name and branding in 2021 in favour of a new name and theme that hasn't been disclosed yet. The park's been owned by Aspro Parks, owners of Oakwood and Walygator Parc, since 2015.

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