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Six Flags Great America | Maxx Force | S&S Air Launch


There still is one? It's just not as profound we originally expected.
I watched the POV again, and it looks like ejector to me. The lead in and out are fairly long because of the speed, the actual radius during the bump is fairly tight. It's kind of deceptive because of the bins.


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I think it probably is actually. Do-Dodonpa has one at the top of the loop, although that could just be down to Japanese safety laws.
It could also just be generally related to the fact that drive wheels are up there. They would be considered 'regularly maintainable' items, so may necessitate a catwalk for access.


That's what I was thinking, but I don't see any more areas to build the catwalk down the rest of the support structure for a ladder up. Maybe they just use one of those basket on extended arm man lifter things or climb the track manually to get up there. I guess we'll find out here soon.


Look at this photo, on the very right of the descending support structure looks like what could be attachments for a ladder.

From the park's Instagram story:-
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Are there any other operating S&S launch coasters besides Do-Dodonpa that have drive tyres in strange places like this?


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To answer any questions regarding the low sections of the ride...no, it doesn't look like they've been completed yet according to numerous posts on Reddit. They have yet to build the majority of the structure from the exit out of the double inversion all the way to the top of the final dive loop.


It does look like they've added some of the low supports, but construction still isn't running at a brisk pace.


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I popped into the park for about 15 minutes today, and I was awestruck with this thing. It is absolutely massive! You can see it from pretty much anywhere in the park. It's no doubt going to be a modern park icon.


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Gosh, that "speed bump" is just pathetic isn't it? Like why even bother.

The banana roll thing looks quite striking though. And the turn coming out of that seems like it'll pull some real good g's.


Does look like an intense forceful ride, and the launch will be nuts (its basically the same as Hypersonic right? That was one of the most intense things I've experienced) but god so short, and I thought there'd be ejector air at that speed but yeah that isnt even a speed bump, its like a slight increase in road elevation lol
I'll wait for reviews on this one, maybe go next year. Esp on that high speed inversion, gunna whip you around or so fast ya dont really notice?
Gosh, that "speed bump" is just pathetic isn't it? Like why even bother.
It's just a bonus design quirk. In the Joe Draves interview from IAAPA, he mentioned that the launch track had to "hop" up just a little bit so it can clear the track coming out of the banana roll element. You'll still hit it at almost 80mph, so it should still be entertaining at least.


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I'm guessing it will be a mini-version of Furius Baco's post launch hump, which means it'll probably give a little pop (probably won't full on whack you out of your seat like Baco does though)..

I'm really excited to see this thing in person in June, just gonna hope and pray it will open! I'm guessing the launch will be insane.