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PortAventura | Uncharted | Intamin Multi-Dimension Coaster | 2023


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The latest rumors coming out of Portaventura right now is that it will still be a coaster, in the form of this multi-dimension layout from Intamin;

People are reasoning that groundwork appears to show outlines for the station/trench encircled above, and the coaster rumor refuses to die out. Now, the likelihood of Intamin collaborating with a company like Triotech is slim, but not impossible. Both serve different markets that don't intersect too often. Strong likelihood is that its either Triotech or Intamin. Hope that I'm drastically wrong about Triotech's involvement, but we'll find out on Tuesday.


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those are some nice looking layouts, both of them. Love a good indoor coaster and its nice to see the discipline getting more creative than "junior coaster in box"


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Well, cute. But when Movie Park Germany builds a version of this coaster that is impressive for their budget, Port Aventura better blows our minds with this coaster when they do not invest the money into the layout itself. Some "Inferno" (Cinecitta World) - like effects would be awesome.


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I don't think so? Those concrete pours are oddly huge for such small anchor cages. Those anchor rods are also set up in an unusual square/rectangular formation. Most coasters have have a circular form.


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Looks like we're getting an announcement soon. Just received this in the mail:
If you do not see this email, go here

Discover all the surprises we have prepared in honour of the new ride that will be launched in 2023​
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We have a brand-new ride for 2023!
It's all been top secret up until now, but we can tell you that it will be amazing and that it will be located in Far West.​
We are in the process of finalising the last few details, but if you really want to try it and can't wait to find out more about it, we have the solution: sign up and discover all the surprises we have for you.


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Pictures from today, 26/10/2022, by Twitter user reusenc2. It seems that the exterior white structure may be used for the queue line. Hopefully this time around PortAventura will finally learn from other parks and theme it properly:

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Wait, why is there a big box rising out of the wild west?

I suppose if they stick walmart on the side it will fit...

Seriously though, I hope it's going to be better hidden, that was one of the better looking wild west areas in Europe. :/


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Agreed that looks really ugly.

Hopefully they actually theme it and don’t do a Disney like with Guardians and just paint the big ugly warehouse go away green.