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Port Aventura |"Shambhala"| B&M Hyper


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^This is looking more and more like the dog's particulars each day.

In regards to the perceived lack of force in their newer rides, put it this way - if you have a ride company, and your product portfolio's got a proven track record of rides which seldom break down due to mechanical faults and don't require more than the necessary maintenance (by that I mean what needs to be be done by industry standand to ensure they run safely and correctly), then you've got a pretty strong arm when it comes to the hard sell.

For people like us, it's a bit sad that their more recent rides don't have the perceived kick of the older stuff, but in the real world the overall quality of their rides is just what an amusment park wants - if they can afford it.


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I think for public opinion too, it really doesn't matter about "ride quality" in the way we view it. For the public it's all about "OMG this is so high!", "It's got so many loop-de-loops" and "my arms and legs are GOING TO BE TORN OFFFFFFF!!!!"

The majority of people visit these parks once a year and maybe only do the coaster once. We tend to only notice particular forces, pacing etc because we're immune to the general things the public gets a kick from (though how many of us still get a buzz from Oblivion because it's perched above that hole?).

That doesn't mean the public don't love a good, intense ride. They do have tastes as do we all, but it's more about "unusual" for their once a year trip than "something I can't put my finger on". It certainly explains Rita and Air's popularity over Nemesis, for example.

I think (uneducated opinion sub-clause) that as B&M have developed their technologies and refined their design processes and increased their experience that they've got the coasters they always wanted. It was good fortune that the early rides were a little "looser" and therefore more forceful. Now, as Tom says, it's all about standards, safety, reliability and low maintenance. Actual finite details of on-ride quality mean very little (I imagine) to the parks.

This does the job, it's massive, it's unusual (for the area and most people visiting) and it's bound to have enough of a kick from the adrenaline rush it'll give most people from being so high that it will be a success. I think it looks lovely and is probably a very pleasant coaster to ride :)

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I think for public opinion too, it really doesn't matter about "ride quality" in the way we view it.

That is very true, and backed up with how popular The Ultimate is amongst the GP.


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A hint of the new skyline:


Taken from TPR but originally from PA-Community

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Why have the left the first drop unfinshed? Its been like that for a while now whilst other sections have been going up. They're not normally done like that, are they?

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Site access for the crane, perhaps?

Kahn would be in the way of that happening.

The first hill has hade more done with each update recently, but the first drop has stayed like that since the update on 8th February.

And before people start presuming that I'm saying "OMFG, they've forgot a bit! PEOPLE WILL DIE!!!1!", I am genuinely just asking why they have left it as it is.


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UC said:
Kahn would be in the way of that happening.

Right, but if Khan is in the way from the other direction, wouldn't that mean the crane would need to reach through the first drop to put the track in place?

If so, that explains why the drop hasn't been finished. They simply don't want to risk smashing it into something...


In fact, the crane needs to go through the first drop and also Khan's first drop supports as well (as seen in the picture above). The section between the loop, MCBR, transfer area and lift hill on Khan will presumably be started when the first quater of the ride (first hill, helix and speed bump) is done.

As of now, the first hill looks like that (as seen from Salou, so quite far away) and is already looking huge:



You can guess how far and big the hill is by looking at Baco's track through the trees (for those not familiar with the park, those rides are far apart). The remaining section of the hill is sitting at the bottom of the hill ready to be placed, so expect this section to be completed by tomorrow.

Another piece has been added to the funky helix:


And the station is also coming along nicely:


Source: PA-Community.com

Edit: the first hill has just been completed. Let's see if somebody can bring some pictures...


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Yes. Yes. Yes.

That hill is SO long though, considering the hight of the actual hill and how drawn out it is, there might not be SHED loads of airtime on it, but still, it's made me happy!


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Looks ok. The turnaround is the only real stand out feature so far. The rest will be the same as every other hyper tbh.


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^And the speed hill. Correct me if I'm wrong, but so far it's only Leviathan and Shmbhala that got one. So it'll be interesting to se how that ride as well!


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Snoo said:
Looks ok. The turnaround is the only real stand out feature so far. The rest will be the same as every other hyper tbh.

To be fair though, most people in the UK will never have been on a hyper, and the fact that it is at Port Aventura, a popular British holiday destination, makes it much more accessible than the likes of Silver Star. We rarely get coasters this huge so close to home, pretty exciting if you ask me.


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^ I expect it's about placing the crane within Dragon Khan. Maybe they need to prepare a safe spot or summin? I dunno. I doubt it's about the chain though, no other coaster need a track out to install it.

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Just clutching at straws really. Unless they plan on lifting something over Kahn's drop..... :p

Oh, hang on, its probably being completely covered in a massive TRIM :lol:


It's going up quick now, its looking like another great B&M hyper and I really do like that turn around piece. We already can assume it'll be better than Silver Star but will it beat any of the North American hypers?