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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

Nicky Borrill

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Has anyone noticed that the Hollywood Tour has disappeared from the park map? ;)
Yes it was mentioned in the small news thread

2020 continues to take and take...

Not worth its own topic as I do not believe its the start of anything major that will eventually be China 2.0; plus we've all had enough of Phantasialand topics for now no?
Following an incident with water damage in the building housing Hollywood Tour and Fantissima (Crazy Bats being above both has been unaffected) has led to the ride being closed for most of this season and the dinner show to have a delayed start in November while repair work is ongoing.

Unexpectedly however Hollywood Tour has today disappeared from the online park map and in park app. Have the challenging financial effects of corona led to them deciding now to keep it SBNO for the rest of 2020 as a cost cutting measure?
Or last minute its now been given a much earlier than planned retirement? (given the next project is extremely likely based off evidence + rumours to be Geister Rikscha's replacement)
Or just a mistake with the website? haha

So shower thought...... So Rookburg and F.L.Y have been soft open a month or so now.... when will official open be? for the start of next season?

One thing I do hope with an official opening is they finally release some Merch - anything!! a pen or T-shirt will do!


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So shower thought...... So Rookburg and F.L.Y have been soft open a month or so now.... when will official open be? for the start of next season?

One thing I do hope with an official opening is they finally release some Merch - anything!! a pen or T-shirt will do!
I've heard that rookburgh is in softopening as long as the covid restrictions exist in the park.
Yesterday I visited the park. At 13:00 I decided to join to the queu for Rookburgh. After 20 mins we were in. It's handsdown the best themed area I have ever seen. There is so much going on. So many hidden details to watch. After 15 min we decided to go ride F.L.Y. The queu is really great. Except from the smal part that you go downstairs for the first time. You can't see sh*t of the ride then. But when you are at the side of the hotel and the 2 launches, it's truely amazing to watch. The part which I dislike, is that there is a super anoyning grate everywhere. I do get it why they did that, but it's not that convenient to make pictures. The view just before you go undreground is a-ma-zing. The train is flying right at you on your left. When you are underneeth the ground, you will see a part of barons' queue. It's a round chamber with some projecters. Very smart and it works so why not.

The locker system does work pretty good, except for the pandamic part. Everyone is bumping in to you to run as quickly further in to the queue. Not good Phantasialand not good.... Also the amount of people in the park was a bit too much. There was some police in the park at some point, so I hope they did not wrote everything down what they saw....

The metal detectors were also a bit of an issue, because a person who was with me that day had absolutley nothing with her, but she still had to go back to throw a unknown metal part into the locker. When she revisited the metal detector it was again giving a red light, but now it was good to go for some reason.

The boarding station is well themed, I do dislike the vacuum cleaners at the airgates, but that is a personal opinion. When you get in the seats it's really comfy. It's also very natural to get in, and everything goes quickly. When you start to ride, you accelerate pretty fast and start to turn right. Then you go on the VEKOMA test track and you see some beautifull theming. On the top, the magic starts and you will get in flying position. (When you are in the queu you can always hear when people are experiencing that) The launch is just as forcefull as I thought it would be when I saw the pov all the way back. It's great. It's a feeling of freedom. To make sure you will have that feeling all the way through the ride, SIT IN THE BACK. Those hills feel so much better in the back than in the front. The amount of airtime is also way better. And it's soo glossy smooth.

My favorite section is the part just after the second launch (just as taron). If you sit on the right, you can reach the water hoses with your hands which is a nice touch.
I only rode it twice, because I think there is more to ride than just F.L.Y. but, it is definitely the best ride of the park. It has the best theming, and gives the most unique experience. Taron is comparable in sertain ways, but the theming is not as heavily als F.L.Y. and the queu is boring with the giant cattle pen. Taron is still great nevertheless.

Conclusion, VEKOMA nailed it. They made a butter smooth ride with a unique feeling and high riders capacity. It's ofcourse way better than Galactica, but it also a little bit unfair to compare.
Phantasialand nailed it. They made the most beautifull themed area so far. The experience is worldclass. The hotels are very well integrated in the area. The amount of detail is crazy. And best of all: the trust in VEKOMA paid off. Vekoma is a rising star and phantasialand knew that. They spended a huge amount of money to invest in their unique ride system.


I already posted this in the Rookburgh planning thread, but posting here in case anyone knows what's going on.

Multiple fire crews were attending Rookburgh shortly after park closing today, more on the way as my uber headed into Brühl. Didn't see any smoke or anything but that's a lot of emergency services equipment heading in there.
My review here ...https://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/last-cred-review.42950/post-1097120

As for the themeing debate, it's obviously world class and on par with Klugheim. I must say though after venturing into the seemingly forgotten area of Deep In Africa; Black Mamba is the best themed rollercoaster in the world. The rockwork, waterfalls, all the detail in the queue as you approach the station - this wouldn't look out of place in Animal Kingdom. In fact I'd Disney built a B&M Invert I'm not sure they could top this.


I never reviewed the ride after Monday and Tuesday's visit to the park.

Our first impressions were very positive, there's a LOT to see in Rookburgh if you're willing to look. Various animations, artwork on the walls and whatnot. Curiously, all of the themed artwork is in English, which I didn't expect, especially as the big gates are marked 'Tor' (in German, as expected). No complaints about that though, there is also some great animated theming to be found just prior to the lockers, and the station lighting is all synced nicely with the train movements which makes the batching experience quite dynamic too.

The ride itself exceeded our expectations. Plenty of low to the floor moments where you really feel the forces of the ride. The launches aren't as strong as Taron's but you probably don't want them to be. The layout is packed full of near miss elements and tight helixes and whilst it doesn't contain the holy grail of flying coaster inversions, the pretzel loop, I struggle to see how it would improve on an already very strong layout. Similar to Taron and Colorado adventure, the ride time is long enough to feel worth waiting for, not too long that it overstays its welcome. I personally put it as my park number 2, and am toying with whether it knocks Ghostrider off my all-time number 5 spot or not. My partner preferred it to Taron and it knocked River Quest off her park top spot.

As an extra, the Chocolate shop is a really nice touch, it's not too expensive either given the quality. Definitely worth a visit after a ride.


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Sunday was finally the day of days: I could drive/fly FLY. Breathtaking. Amazing. The whole theme area is just great. My companions told me that it might even have been over-themed here and there. I don't can say the same.

The ride is really something special. On the first trip we sat in row 7 and it was really unusual to sit/lie like that, but I didn't mind. The second ride was row 1, I was so lucky, and was a lot better. In my opinion you have much more airtime here, especially right after the first launch.

Once again great work from Vekoma and Phantasialand.

It doesn't replace Taron as my favorite roller coaster, but it comes very close.

Simply unique and definitely world class.