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Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020


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^Yesss, got it before it was removed.
It looks very... nice. It's long, that's for sure. Looks smooth, swoopy, really nice flow to it etc...
It's not blowing me away though. I mean... where's the pretzel loop??
Does it not seem a little samey to you? A little bit... meandering? A pleasant, scenic tour through a fictional location?

Essentially, isn't it just a flying Taron? ?


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I think I'm gonna have to wait for the official POV to be released to make a final judgement because the quality of that POV probably didn't do the coaster or theming ANY justice - the theming didn't look nearly as good as it does in photos...


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imho POV Onrides are not very good at representing the actual experience the ride delivers in person, they provide an insight into the layout and the surroundings.


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Essentially, isn't it just a flying Taron? ?
I reckon that was the exact intention mostly and surely it's not a bad thing.
How in the name of Jehova did they get a camera through the metal detectors?

It looks good and I don't expect it to have the Taron rush but it probably still feels quite fast with so many close encounters with the surrounding buildings etc. Quite a lot of tunnels!

Hopefully Wintertraum is a possibility if Covid doesn't destroy more travel opportunities.


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Essentially, isn't it just a flying Taron? ?

Well, once your tasked with coming up with a layout of 1200+ meters track on that footprint, you're going to end up at something Taron-esque eventually.

I would agree that they both use their special features as sort of an excuse for their more simplistic layout in terms of element choice. With Taron it's the perception of very high speeds when rushing through the theming, and with F.L.Y. it's the fact that, well... you're flying :p

In terms of actual ride experience though, I'd barely consider them similar. Already at the beginning, while Taron highlights its launch as a feature in itself with sound and proper acceleration, for F.L.Y it is just a way to get the damn train moving. This becomes more extreme the further you sit back, the 2nd launch is essentially non-existent in the back half of the train.

What you do have is a couple of hand-picked transitions and are airtime-moments that are more forceful than the track would suggest, which is very similar to Taron. While I would agree that F.L.Y. wears its influence on its sleeve, nobody is going to get off the ride and think to himself "well, didn't they build something like this 4 years ago?"

It is strange though, on one side it being so incredibly different from all other flying coasters in the world, while at the same time having two perceived sister-coasters in the same goddamn park (2nd one being Black Mamba for the GP, as they love to point out that they have seen Inverted track somewhere else in the park already :p)


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Regarding speed, many people say that it shouldn’t be more forceful after riding it a few times. Some even have issues with bruises etc. So because of the narrow curves they’re just pretty limited in speed...


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I‘m laughing so hard at all the reviews because literally everyone tells a different story about FLY‘s intencity in the back row, in the front row, the speed, the launches, the seating comfort etc. It‘s pathetic.


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I‘m laughing so hard at all the reviews because literally everyone tells a different story about FLY‘s intencity in the back row, in the front row, the speed, the launches, the seating comfort etc. It‘s pathetic.
If you dislike people having different opinions and different accounts of how they experience rides then this forum may not be the place for you!


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Ride it yourself for an own opinion. I rode it and I think its pretty intense and has good air time at some elements.

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Oh I did ride it. I live only an hour from there. It‘s just funny to see that some people are complaining about lack of intencity, others say it‘s really intense and fast. Some say the second launch is hardly noticable, others say it‘s intense. Some say the back row is boring, others say back row is more intense than front row. And so on...

Some people are even complaining about the ride being „too long“.
Others compare it to Taron which is total bull**** to do as it‘s a completely different experience.

People keep asking „HOW WAS IT? WHAT CAN I EXPECT?“, but in the end all those reviews don‘t help at all if there is not at least a few things that can be objectively defined as „fast“, „intense“, „better than“, „boring“ or „incredible“.


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Yeah your right. But its very hard to rate a coaster only with objective facts like height, speed, ride time, capacity, g-forces, acceleration, steepness of the descent and so on. This hardly describes the experience we all love and perceive differently. And describing F.L.Y objectively alone is also difficult, as some facts are not known yet. The different opinions will probably also be due to the rather unusual coaster type.

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I don't get the discussion. You can see it from the videos that the launch is not intense and also that the pace of the whole ride is not asskickin but rather smooth and family friendly. I talked to the project manager (forgot the name but the same dude who we know from the Taron documentary) and he agreed that the idea was to have a family friendly ride and he also said that for him a pretzel loop is way to intense and general lying position is considered to be be uncomfortable. How ever the ride is nice and fun.