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Oakwood Theme Park 26th May 2019


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I would love to have even one fiftieth of your enthusiasm for Oakwood.

I don't know how you do it...

Do you know what? I've never had a bad day at Oakwood. Even when everyone else is utterly miserable, I still really enjoy a day there.

I have no idea why. I do love Megafobia (even though it's nowhere near the great coaster it was almost 20 years ago - or it is, but the goalposts have moved A LOT in that time), but the rest of the place? It's all piss poor. I still love it though. Rain or shine. I don't understand it.

I eve met up with a friend (non-enthusiast) who was at uni in Aber. She described Oakwood as slightly worse than "Craggy Island Fun land" from Father Ted. I can't even say she isn't wrong, but... It has a charm that just appeals to me.

Thanks for the report and for being on my side of the mad-fence Matt N :)
Waterfall is quite possibly my favourite water ride in Europe.

Skimming across water on a baking tray. Can you imagine that at a merlin park?

Agree Wickerman is better than Megafobia, which is strange for me to say as an airtime fanboy.


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I’m loving the marmitey options in this report.

Personally I love Oakwood. It may be a long, burdenous adventure to get there (even if you live next to the park), but it does have, as Matt N said several times, a certain charm to it. It’s got all the right rides, it’s got history, elements of theme and quirkiness, and has enough to fill most of the day (with Fobia rerides).

You know in films where somebody is unconscious and their love interest is shaking them, slapping them and begging them to wake up? That’s how I feel about Oakwood. I wish somebody would attach a car battery to its nipples and shock it back into life. Give it that fresh zest that it needs.

Lovely to read a cheerful report. I’m almost tempted to visit again soon!