1. R

    Serious Incident at Oakwood Theme Park

    An Air Ambulance has been deployed to Oakwood in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Rumours of it being a fatality but no confirmation of that as of yet. Very sombre mood in the Park as peeps were evacuated from the site.
  2. Matt N

    What’s happened to Oakwood?

    Hi guys. One of the smaller theme parks within the UK is Oakwood, known for the famous wooden coaster Megafobia and the UK’s tallest Euro-Fighter Speed. However, I’ve noticed a real change in tone regarding reviews of the park recently, and most people talk about it being deserted in their trip...
  3. Matt N

    Oakwood Theme Park 26th May 2019

    Hi guys. Today, me, my mum and my nan made the journey to a little gem of a park in Wales called Oakwood. Now, we are presently staying in the area, so I gave Oakwood a little recommendation after taking a school trip there in July 2016. I was personally interested to see how some of the park's...