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Oakwood 2013

Went on the 8th of July and the throughput for Skull rock was actually really good! There wasn't any waiting for a log to come down the drop or anything, as soon as you were all in you were free to go!

The park was clean and all the staff were friendly!


Went on Monday and was rather impressed with the new area, they've certainly put a decent effort into the theming. I enjoyed the flume. It looks great, from certain angles. The "dark ride" section is rather bland but good for a park on a budget, and the skull isn't all that terrible in person either!

I do love Oakwood, but it's sad to see the park so quiet, with everything (including Speed!!!!) running one train. Bounce was only dropping and not shooting up, and Brer Rabbit's burrow is literally an embarrassment now. Spooky 3D was on top form though!

Anyways, here's an on and offride vid of the flume:



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Tbh I didn't expect them to do anything with the inside so that was a nice surprise. But it pains me to see some effort made but then none whatsoever in the cover up of it being a shed.

Now the park just needs to add something which might actually entice people into the arse end of nowhere.


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Aside it being a really dumb idea to use a story synonymous with Disney and a name synonymous with pedophiles, this looks nice.

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I know John Wardley is retired and all, but he was over at Oakwood with ECC at the weekend. Any ideas as to why he was there?!



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Yeah, I'm betting it was for a hot dog, with onions, hold the ketchup.


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John Waldley appeared as a special guest at the ECC event. He's not doing anything ride-wise at Oakwood.

furie said:
I'm betting it was for a hot dog, with onions, hold the ketchup.
I see him more of a burger man myself. Cheese, jalepenos, fried onions and no salad. Does anybody want to put up a poll so we can decisively decide JW's favourite BBQ food?