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Maxx Ghosterforce | SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA | 21st-22nd Sep 2019


Captain Basic
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Alright bitches, my turn.

To wrap up this electrifying year of stateside Lives, we're going to party hard at the one and only Six Flags Great America during the possibly first-ever US Ghosterforce! So in addition to the stellar coasters and attractions, we'll also be able to experience some spooky haunts and experiences. And not to mention, the brand-spanking new MAXX FORCE will be ours for the taking! Being in September, the crowds shouldn't be all that bad. I've also got some great places to grab a bite to eat and let loose afterwards.

Remember to sign up at https://coasterforce.com/cf-live/ !

So, let's get planning! It's still a ways away, so we don't need to get everything down pat right now, but it's nice to get the ball rolling. Hope to see all you beautiful people there! <3

Edward M

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Okay, so, this looks very doable for me. I can't 100% say yes as I don't know what my classes will require or if I'm needed to shoot a film that day. BUT, it's early in the semester which is usually more lax, and the weekends are pretty open.

Not to mention how desperately I need Goliath (which could be my 300th!) and all those other creds. So a tentative yes from me.