1. Serena

    The most irritating theme park visit ever

    It's 6:30am. I'm flying home from Barcelona. I have laryngitis, my throat feels like a porcupine. The man sat next to me has just started playing a game on his phone at full volume with no headphones. I put in my earplugs for the fourteenth time this weekend and sigh. It's time to talk about...
  2. Matt N

    Is it only me who doesn’t get the Halloween/scare attraction hype?

    Hi guys. Sorry if this is a slightly random thread, particularly given that it talks about Halloween attractions in May, but I was thinking about how enthusiasts all seem to get super excited about the Halloween season and scare attractions, and I was thinking about how I struggle to get on...
  3. Benenen

    Benenen's Halloween Horror Bonanza 2021 - Part 3: Walibi Belgium Halloween

    Hello everyone and welcome to my delayed trip report where I discuss the road trip I took round Europe at the start of November. I don't think I have the commitment to write about all 18 days so this report will focus entirely on the Halloween events and horror mazes I discovered. There will be...
  4. RickvdBeek

    Fright nights Walibi Holland 2019

    Hello, I went to the fright nights at Walibi Holland for the first time yesterday. Its the only Halloween event I've done at a park. It was such a great experience. I absolutely loved it. I went to the fright nights with a friend. We started the day early. We were at the park around 10.15 am to...
  5. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Thorpe Park Resort Announces Fright Nights 2019

    https://www.thorpepark.com/fright-nights Looks okay. 3 new 'fears' for 2019 - yet to be revealed, but...come on? A scarier upgrade to Jungle Escape, a new Creek Woods Sawmill Ltd maze and a Fright Nights show - could tell it from each description! ?
  6. GuyWithAStick

    Maxx Ghosterforce | SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA | 21st-22nd Sep 2019

    Alright bitches, my turn. To wrap up this electrifying year of stateside Lives, we're going to party hard at the one and only Six Flags Great America during the possibly first-ever US Ghosterforce! So in addition to the stellar coasters and attractions, we'll also be able to experience some...
  7. Coaster Chall YouTube

    Alton Towers Scarefest 2019

    https://www.altontowers.com/activities/events/scarefest/ We've got two new mazes, House of Monsters and The Welcoming gone, 3 returning mazes, family entertainment and...is it just me or is House of Monsters gone because CCL could get rethemed for 2020??
  8. Coaster Chall YouTube

    What Do We Expect To Be Announced For 2019 Halloween Events?

    One thing that has been bugging me is what could be changed for theme park halloween events, such as Alton Towers Scarefest, Thorpe Park Fright Nights, Halloween Haunts, Halloween Horror Nights, Six Flags Fright Fest, etc. What would you see change? What do you want to see added or removed?
  9. Serena

    Liseberg Halloween

    What is it with Halloween events being so damn good this year? Oh Liseberg! I loved you already, but now I love you even more. Firstly, I would like to award Liseberg the Most Pumpkins Crammed Into A Park award. Seriously! And I thought Europa had loads. At Liseberg, there were pumpkins...
  10. Serena

    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix

    That's right! The best time of the year is nearly upon us! For this years Halloween shenanigans we will doing a jam-packed trip to The Netherlands. The plan: Friday 19th October: Slagharen in daytime followed by Hellendoorn Screams event in evening. Saturday 20th October: Billy Bird cred in...
  11. Serena

    Walibi Belgium Halloween 2017

    Right, first things first. Halloween at Walibi Belgium is VERY different to Halloween at Walibi Holland. That latter is a slick, huge-scale, dramatic, mindblowing event that leaves no corner unthemed. Whereas Walibi Belgium is more off-the-rails, relaxed yet unpredictable. They really are...