1. Ian

    GhosterForce 2022

    Ready for a mid-Halloween trip to Thorpe and Chessington fully of fatty sweets, faff and fun? Saturday 15 October - Thorpe Park 10am until 9pm is Fright Nights at Thorpe Park! Plenty of spooky happenings and creds in the dark. Thorpe Dark. Please meet inside the park by Stealth by 10:30. There...
  2. GuyWithAStick

    Maxx Ghosterforce | SIX FLAGS GREAT AMERICA | 21st-22nd Sep 2019

    Alright bitches, my turn. To wrap up this electrifying year of stateside Lives, we're going to party hard at the one and only Six Flags Great America during the possibly first-ever US Ghosterforce! So in addition to the stellar coasters and attractions, we'll also be able to experience some...
  3. Serena

    Ghosterforce 2018 - Order of The Fenix

    That's right! The best time of the year is nearly upon us! For this years Halloween shenanigans we will doing a jam-packed trip to The Netherlands. The plan: Friday 19th October: Slagharen in daytime followed by Hellendoorn Screams event in evening. Saturday 20th October: Billy Bird cred in...
  4. Ian

    GhosterForce 2017 - 13-15 Oct - Movie, Heide, Hansa

    Three days at three top German parks! The trip kicks off at Movie Park Germany, where seven creds await us including the new, amazing-looking Star Trek: Operation Enterprise! It's also the time of their Halloween Horror Fest event so expect some spooky stuff! On day...
  5. Ian

    "Fireworks & Faff Finale" Reports, Alton Towers, 6 Nov 16

    If there has ever been a more apt name for a Live, I've yet to hear it. We didn't seem to do many rides - Nemesis about 4 times, Galactica once, Oblivion twice, the rapids (I got soaked!) and Duel. Rita was closed when we went to Dark Forest. Th13teen had an 80min queue. Smiler was 90mins all...