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Longest Queue and Most Excessive Switchbacks


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Social Media Team
Yeah, Crystal Wings.

China has LOADS of huge queues, but, they have a weird way of just, randomly shutting parts of it off. Like, you'll queue on the pavement, and then walk through a huge, inside queue. It's ridiculous.

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reddude333 said:
I know it's not a coaster, but the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland has a ginormous queue...at least it's themed really well :) Probably are much worse I've been in but I always think that when I think never-ending queue.

I was about to start screaming at you because Indiana Jones at Disneyland most definately IS a coaster... then I realised you meant the ride in Anaheim. Fortunately.

Nowadays, Thorpe's Tidal Wave rarely has any queue at all, even on a boiling day, and I'm bloody knackered by the time I've walked from the entrance to the station, and that's when the extended queue ISN'T used...


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Raptor's switchbacks are excessive considering the relatively low popularity of the ride, but I don't remembered Mean Streak having too long of a queue line, although then again, not a popular ride in the slightest.