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Longest Queue and Most Excessive Switchbacks


1.This is not the longest time you have waited in a queue. This is the longest walk from entrance to station.

2. What is the Most excessive Switchbacks you have seen.

For Me

1. American Eagle (Viper at SFGAm, Mean Streak and Magnum* come to mind)

2. Millennium Force. (Raptor, Mean Streak, S:UF, and Magnum also come to mind)

What about you

*Magnum isn't really long but i found that the entrance and exit were really far apart from each other.


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American Eagle's queue is now SHORT, compared to when it opened.
That circus tent over Wiggles World used to cover the SWITCHBACKS for that queue. Now, all that's left is the walk out over the railroad tracks and the stairs into the station.

Millie has redonkulous switchbacks. I'd go home if I ever saw more than 1/3 of those in use.


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^^when a bit of queue departs from the main queue routeand after about an extra 15-30 queuing tme, arrives at the same point or Another name for cattlepens.e.g. Barbed wire bit of Saw queue and most of rita's queue



These are switchbacks (Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAm)


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Stealth or Nemesis Inferno spring to mind. Guess Balder can be a trek as well.

Shortest queue on the other hand (for a major coaster) has to go to SpeedMonster. It's literally a straight path going along a fence for perhaps thirty metres, including a small brigde, then you're on the station platform.


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Raptor at CP is seemingly twice as big as MF. But I do agree, when MF had its extra queue (its been removed since), it holds the world record for biggest queue. Stupidly immense.


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Saw, just when you think you are getting close you go into that second section around those 'traps'. So long it has a mid-queue shop.

Nemesis Inferno

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Josh73 said:
Dragon Challenge? Ugh. It isn't relly cattle-en-y, but lts of U-turns.

tribar said:
1.This is not the longest time you have waited in a queue. This is the longest walk from entrance to station.

It is definitely the longest walk between the entrance and station... By miles...

Since when did Saw have a queue-line shop? Missed that being built...

Ohhhhh also, I want to add Poseidon at Europa Park onto this, purely as it mixes the long walk and numerous cattlepens together... Neverending is an understatement...


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Yeah Duelling Dragons is a massive walk. The queue for the rapids at Alton is pretty long as well.


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Furius Baco. That queue is horrid. The outside section is fine. The indoor is just one HUGE cattlepen. Vile.