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The other solution is to allow water to seep into the tunnel (relieving the pressure from groundwater by letting it flow freely - there isn't that much water coming in every hour, so it would be more of a trickle than a flow) and then just pumping it out. The Opera house in Oslo uses this technique to stay in place, there are chambers below the basement where water flows in and is continuously pumped out. But that's an "active" and quite expensive solution.
You're right about it being an active system, but we see sump pumps required to run regularly in basements all over the place. I think these days it's just a noted fact of life with building complex structures. The reliability and operational cost is very good these days.

That would be my bet for how they've solved it - seems like the simplest option (for the groundwater levels and buoyancy issues you identify).


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I saw that post too. It seems so weird to add them what, 4 years after it opened? Mack have a solution if a ride requires seatbelts, it's the same type as the B&M ones where it connects the bottom of the restraight to the top of the seat. DC Rivals required it to to Australian law. It even unlocks automatically in the station to speed up unloading! I'm guessing that some insurance company decided it required a secondly restright similar to most coasters in the US.

This is offtopic slightly but, as an engineer myself, I hate to see stuff like this being forced onto a coaster. It smacks of not trusting the engineers and designers, especially when it's almost certainly been done by the park and not the manufacturer.


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Speaking of Valkyria



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Rules and regulations set by governmental H&S advice change all of the time, there's no defined time limit on these changes happening and can be 50, 60 or 70 years after the ride is constructed. Plus, it won't really make much of a difference, let's face it.


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Does anyone have a rough idea of opening date for this??(am visiting end of July)
Word on the grapevine is that the work has been delayed due to groundwork issues (the tunnel) so if the original time was the summer it could be later.

So, in essence, no. Unless anyone has an update??


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Wonder if that is graffiti on the end of the track or construction marks?

On a side note reminds me when you play RCT and you run out of money to finish the ride, just have to sit while you wait for every park guest to enter to build one bit of track!
There seems to be a lot of signing of tracks happening as of late, or I'm just seeing a lot of the pictures. Maybe it was from a fan tour like this was (Balder):
Classy. Not sure i'm a fan?
or maybe Amanda turned up?

Lots of owners and manufacturers seem to do this for the last piece but I didn't think that was the last piece of Valkyria? Who knows. Just want it to be done now.


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He's such an illiterate :emoji_zipper_mouth:.

I kinda like the ideas of immortalising the names of the owners/manufacturers within track pieces at the end of constructions - it's a nice touch.
Yeah, like they know it's there but it's discreet.
This coaster is like halfway across the world from me, so i cant bring you an update. What more can i say than, RIP Kanonen.
(we'll likely see you at Dormey Park in 2019 though)