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Liseberg | Valkyria | B&M Dive Coaster


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Getting back to the testing conversation, Fury 325 tested for about three weeks before media day (though the coaster was completed at the end of January). Like others have stated, it probably varies from country to country, but I don’t see why Valkyria wouldn’t be able to open by early to mid July.
Had a really great stay at Liseberg yesterday. A weekday in the end of May is just the best time to go there in my opinion. I think 10-15 minutes was the most time we spent in line for a ride, and that was mostly due to temporarily slow operations on Loke. Every ride had 0-10 minutes waiting time except Flumeride, because of the heat.

I haven't been there since 2016 so I very much enjoyed it. They did experience more technical difficulties than usual, atleast in the many times i've visited the park. Helix, Lisebergsbanan and Mechanica were all closed on several occasions during the day.

Valkyria is going to look stunning in the middle of the park and the colour scheme feels like a good choice. The station house is majestic in itself and it's scenic beauty. Hopefully they will add more norse mythology craft and artwork to Balders station aswell. It just feels a bit empty compared to Loke and Valkyria.



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The track colour is lovely and the station building looks very nice as well! And yes, let's hope they add some theming to baldur, would be great!


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Crossing my fingers for it being ready at the end of August, but even that isn't looking likely at the moment.


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I assume it won't be so long off 'till we see testing then.
Hopefully! Although there did seem to be a lot of work left to do on the tunnel from those last pictures. Plus, don't forget all the wiring and stuff that needs to be done too.