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Joined the hype club today.

Visually this is one of the most incredible rides/themed areas in the world. As for the ride, it still has that problem that every flying coaster does, where the riding position when flying isn’t the best. But the loading procedure is great, it doesn’t try to make you pass out, and as flying coasters go, it’s a really great experience. Taron still has the edge for me, but this is a great compliment and a phantastic edition to Phantasialand.


Matt SR
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I have loved (and missed getting to last year with Covid!) the annual tradition of finishing off the year at Kings Island Winterfest. They have really improved the event year-over-year. And best of all, brought back Flight of Cheer! Which indeed! Is just putting christmas wreaths on aliens!

But the proper last cred was Mystic Timbers. I cannot underscore enough how it is one of the most hidden gems in roller coasters - riding it in freezing or hot weather, day or night, doesn't matter - it just hauls through it's paces. And as a perk for Winterfest - they deck the halls in the station to give it proper Harry Potter Christmas vibes.



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Hi my latest credits were at the Walt Disney world resort here we go in least favorite forwards


Rock ‘n’ roller coaster

This is a Vekoma launch coaster hitting speeds of up to 55 miles per hour and cycling through 3 inversions these being the only inversions at the Walt Disney World resort and I will say I found this ride fine I suppose, this is an old gen Vekoma so not exactly comfortable it definitely had some head banging. I was prepared for this so i put my head forward however I still somehow hit my head a-little but overall the layout was not super exciting and I did not really care for it t


This is again a Vekoma however unlike rock ‘n’ roller coaster this is a junior coaster and I for some reason or another love this ride there is no reason I should but I do! This ride really surpassed my low expectations in force for a Vekoma junior And I would ride this over most junior coasters.

Seven dwarves mine train

This ride is yet again another Vekoma and I like this one quite a bit. This ride is fun because the cars swing it is not super intense or exciting but the cars add a fun touch that I enjoy. I do think the ride is a little over rated but I enjoy throughly

Space mountain

I do like this ride a lot space mountain has a unique feel to it that is beyond many other rides. It was the first ever ride to be controlled by a computer and is quite entertaining. Space mountain has two identical tracks one being about 10ft longer having a slightly longer turn and I believe a slightly larger drop. I ended up finding the alpha track ( the longer one) to be more enjoyable however this was my second this after seven days of under hyping it so that could be a factor

Slinky dog dash

This is a Mack multi launch, so forceless. All joking aside I enjoy this rides queue and theme which is quite fun and entertaining I wish a got a back row not a row three but it Was still fun and worth my time.

Big thunder mountain railroad

This ride is fantastic overall I got three rides and enjoyed it throughly expect my first ride which was not my favorite However the second somehow delivered a lot of airtime which was so much fun and overall was a superior experience and then my third ride was very lateral filled and fun the theme in queue and on ride made it my second favorite recent credit I got.

Expedition Everest: journey to the forbidden mountain

This yet again is a Vekoma and What is there to say about this ride, it is stunning to look at, a unique and smooth experience, tells a well themed story, has an elaborate queue, and still deliverers thrills better then almost any ride at Disney. This ride is amazing in the back and it is my favorite ride at the Walt Disney y world resort!


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Freedom Flier (117) - Surprisingly comfortable! Not a lot of roughness and some fun forces towards the end.

White Lightning (118) - VERY GOOD. I went in with low expectations because of all the people that said it was ****, but I came out thoroughly surprised. Every moment that is supposed to have air has air, with many pops of ejector and some sustained floater. I swear, some people really need to lay off of this ride.

Sea Serpent (119) - Surprisingly comfortable!