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Kony 2012 (Spread the word)


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Haha, my housemate showed me that on Reddit this morning. I love it! :D


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Pierre said:
ciallkennett said:
Pierre said:
If you want to make a difference and feel good about yourself, go and support something you actually give a damn about, not something the **** internet tells you to.

Kind of undermined your own argument with that one, Pierre ;)

Contradicted? And not really, that's just you taking things too literally to try and get a 'funny' post in. Get back to perving on your housemate having sex and commentating to the whole world about it.

Ha, Pierre <3

Mysterious Sue

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Instead of jumping on the bandwagon of 'is this video and its makers good or bad?', I'm gonna take this opportunity to advertise a charity that I support that definitely does do some good (I know because I've been out with them to Africa to see exactly what they do). So instead of accusing each other over who cares the most/least, please take five mins to read and support:


They build schools and employ teachers in The Gambia. It's not the poorest of African countries by far, but the basic standard of living/education is still poor to non-existent.




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I find it amusing that so many people are joining the campaign when the intentions and activites of the people behind the campaign - Invisible Children - have also been called into question on many occasion...


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For all the people, all the "celebrities", all the nobodies that have re-tweeted/linked this Kony ****. April Fools.

Seriously if you're going to give a **** about Uganda go to Africa yourself and make a difference. One retweet on twitter isn't going to save a 10 year old from being raped.


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I clicked on it. What do I win?

As for the video, I did share it on Facebook. I think this is a problem worth sharing, even if Invisible Children don't have the best solution to the problem. Obviously, my one share on Facebook isn't going to stop Kony, but there's no harm in clicking that button. :)


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It's not meant to do anything, it's meant to prove that a hell of a lot of people talking about this Kony thing haven't a **** clue where Uganda even is!


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The way people talk about it as if it's the ONLY problem in Africa makes me instantly not support it. It's hardly scratching the surface....


I'm so glad there are sensible people on here... Everyone who I've ever disagreed with on this subject has just completely flipped and basically said I'm heartless... The thing is, the organisation Invisible Children is corrupt and misleading, they basically spend 70% of all their donations and whatnot on filming, pay for the employees, and bonuses - literally 30% goes anywhere near the kids, and that is sent to THE ARMY, the same army who have been caught raping and looting. It irritates me that people blindly support something, and do no research into it. Newsflash: SHARING ONE 30 MINUTE VIDEO DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SOCIAL ACTIVIST, OKAY?! You're changing nothing, except making Invisible Children MORE famous, and that's not necessarily a good thing.

*End rant*


^Yep, and about half of the people who changed their Facebook profile pic to KONY have changed it back to themselves, some have even gone as far as removing it entirely.