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Jade Goody


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For **** sake can we just ****ing forget about her now. Im sick of ****ing hearing about her!!!

What next Josef Fritzl the Musical?


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Dave said:
For <img> sake can we just <img> forget about her now. Im sick of <img> hearing about her!!!

What next Josef Fritzl the Musical?


****ING LOL!!!

This is going too far though...

I'm half urged to find that memorial and get the egg...
Okay, as I've said before, I think it's sad she died and all that, and I do feel sorry for the friends and family, but she wasn't SO popular that she needs a movie made about her. Sorry but, there are many other people and stories in the world that warrant a film before a film based on Jade Goody.


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Slash said:
I'm half urged to find that memorial and get the egg...

I'm half urged to go to that memorial and ****ing break it.

If there actually is a movie being made about her I hope who ever plays her dies of cancer as well.

I've been quite happy over the past few days of not hearing a thing about Jade Goody.

That has just been ruined.


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My name is jade
i'm not a very good singer
hear i stand in the house
with a wart on my finger
a maybe fat, i maybe dum
but i certainly aint no minger


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(Jade's) dream as a little girl was to be in a musical.

Bloody hell, seems like Jade's dream was to do everything in life. Have a waxwork made of her, have a film made of her life and now a musical.

The only good thing about Susan Boyle is that it has taken away from all the Jade news.


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I nearly died of laughter when I heard about the musical...apparently they are looking for a talented, young woman to play her..........Talented?!? So tis not going to be a story about her life, just a nice make-believe fairytale......

....I wonder if Humpty-Dumpty will audition for the role.....


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Yeah I thought it was a bit nasty.
Don't forget it's the media that's tuning her into a star. All she did was sing on a talent contest. And she is a good singer so I don't know why people are saying she's crap.
Yes it is annoying that everyone's talking about her, but I'd rather this than Jade Goody.


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TBH I don't think Susan Boyle intended to be famous like this.

I think she just wanted to sing in front of a large audience.

Either way, I, like Ollie, would prefer to be hearing about Susan Boyle than ****ing Jade ****ing Goody


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I'd rather someone with talent got fame and attention than someone who just became famous for getting her "kebab" out on tv.


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Emmett said:
Jade Goody is to be immortalised in wax at Madame Tussauds

Yesterday it emerged that Jade's dying wish to be immortalised at Madame Tussauds is set to become reality.

The Big Brother star, who died of cancer aged 27 on Mother's Day, said she wanted sons Bobby, five, and Freddie, four, to be able to see her image as a waxwork for years to come. And after public demand, the Baker Street museum is said to have started talks with Tweed to create the sculpture. The 21-year-old was escorted around the attraction with friends yesterday by staff.

A source was reported as saying: 'Jack took great interest in the Big Brother feature and he and his mates took turns to sit in the diary room chair. 'They had a laugh but for Jack it was something he was doing for Jade. He would love to see her wish come true.'

Sources said Madame Tussauds bosses were even considering a waxwork that talks and moves, using Goody’s most famous sayings such as: 'Rio de Janeiro, ain’t that a person?' and, 'Where’s East Angular though?' Goody said before she died: 'I’d love to have a statue made of me. I would like to be in Madame Tussauds.'

A spokeswoman for the museum said it was 'quite possible' a Goody waxwork would be created 'as the works are made on the back of guest research and demand'.

Yeah I read this, and it is complete tripe... Got to love the tabloids for trying though.

Yes, Jack did come in, with 1 friend and no, he was not escorted round the building at all. He walked round of his own accord.

Note that the only reason the waxwork was 'quite possible' was because they are made on the back of guest research and demand. If she was the most popular choice of new waxwork then they would strongly consider it, but I wouldn't say that means there are plans in the pipeline at all!