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Jade Goody


CF Legend
Me and some friends went into WH Smith yesterday and they were trying to sell her book, by putting it everywhere round the shop. All my friends agreed that they were fed up with hearing about her all the time. Also the books didn't seem to have sold many at all. :p


CF Legend
Oh Thank God in Heaven!

When I saw the "Jade Goody" topic pop up on the home page the first frightful thing that sprung to my mind is that she was found in some other country and not dead!

But thank God that that's not the case! *wipes brow whilst making "phewww" noise*


Strata Poster
^you mean Sara and I's drunken prediction of a resurrection on Easter Sunday was wrong then? Bugger. Still, there's always next year.


Mega Poster
I think they should have cremated her.....would have kept all the grannies in the world warm in the winter...****ing whale