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Sky mobile TV is brilliant! Well worth the £6 a month in my opinion! I can watch my horse racing, football, sky sports news wherever I want!*

*With a Wifi signal


JJ said:
I have had a few members take the micky simply because I have an iPhone.
Especially AeRo (Ride-Guide)

AeRo simply hates the iPhone. So does a couple other members on here I go on trips with.

Yes OK there are a couple of things I do not like:

1) The bluetooth is only for headsets
2) Battery life
3) Certain Apps are not available unless you Jailbreak the phone.
4) You have to use iTunes to transfer files, backup etc

but other than that I love my iPhone 3Gs. I'm happy with 02 as well for now, apart from their 3G and signal in certain places.
That's not entirely true.

There is no denying that the iPhone is one of the most popular smart Phones on the market today, but then the same can be said about XFactor, Firefox and wearing jeans below the hips in their respective arenas, yet I don’t follow any of these trends either.

The ‘trip’ you talk of involved Ian(programmer), Neal (intellectual F1 fan) and myself.

We did make comparisons about the iPhone and other smartphones, all perfectly valid:

1. Non changeable battery.
2. Non changeable memory card
3. Limitations on Bluetooth
4. Ties to iTunes
5. Tied to O2 (at the time I bought my phone)
6. Sheer cost of the units

The iPhone may well suit the masses, but my needs are not for the masses. I need the following from a smart phone:

1. None of the above

I bought an HTC Touch HD back in March. It has never crashed, does all the things I need it to do and only has one drawback – it has a touchscreen, which makes it really difficult to test whilst driving. At the time, I did consider the Nokia that both Neal and Ben bought, but had to dismiss it because of the screen size. I still believe that the Nokia was the better phone though.

So, no I don't hate the iPhone, It just doesn't do what I want it to do even with its designer price tag.


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Vodafone have announced their details for the iPhone. Pretty similar to o2 and Orange tarriffs, although all the Vodafone ones have unlimited texts!

14th January release date.


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^But their 3G coverage is meant to be worse than O2's which is bad.

The free texts though is a big plus for me, I keep going over my limit.


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I think the T Mobile will be the best offer due to the way they work out their contracts.

You get credit that can be used on anything, I hardly make calls so I could use that on texts.


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Yeah Aly forgot to mention earlier, any iPhone tarriff you get comes with free V2V calls!
Good deals, but I'm biased at the moment :p


Well with Tesco mobile if you topup £30 then you can get Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Texts..... but the catch is you HAVE to buy the iPhone from Tesco Mobile. As they now offer the iPhone