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Insane Flat rides


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Lofty said:
^ No matter how many times I look at those photos, I can't work out properly what it does. It obviously spins and raises, the cars are free, but that's all I can see..... Lol!

If you look closely at the photos, you can see that the ends of the arms have been designed to spin (In a photo on AIG, you can see a motor is attached half way down the arm). So from those photos, it will spin like an enterprise and raise, then when vertical the ends of the arms/seats will be spun via a motor in various directions, so you will be going backwards, forwards, upside down, every which way possible.



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Hmm, see, it's better than I thought, it's not just a normal enterprise with outward facing seats as Hixee said (and I thought), they have been going around for quite some time! Looks promising.


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I just remembered this Chance Trabant at Waldameer, Wipeout. When i rode it, it had a particularly long cycle that was absolutely geared towards throwing you into the lawn next to the ride.

There is another Trabant at Worlds of Fun called Cyclone Sam's - it is an indoor one with a corny theme but really takes you for a good trip with head choppers near the ceiling.



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That used to be my favourite ride as a kid. Especially the one at Morecambe named "Mexican Wave". I used to LOVE it.


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This is definitely my favourite topic!

The flat ride that I want to ride the most at the moment is definitely Mondial's Capriolo 10. It's similar to the old Mondial Capriolo's but these also have another added dimesion, as if they could get any more insane.

These are the first video I clicked on, so I dont know if the cycles are the best.



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^ Definitely! I don't think theres going to be any in the UK for a while, though :( WAHHH!

Here's another one I've found. It's not the most insane flat ride obviously, but I was kinda shocked at how long it leaves you dangling upside-down!



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Vertigo, Tivoli Copenhagen.

Only ride I've ever been on that pulled 5g's


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^^ That thing looks legit! Might pass out from the blood rushing to my head but still :p

And I want to know what the song in the background is but I can't hear the words well enough... [Edit: never mind, thanks Sound Hound ;-)]


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^ I've always wanted to go on Stargate! I love the bit where you dangle upside-down above water and get sprayed :)


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A tiny bit of topic, but to do with a ride I know most people love
I use to live abroad and the park closest me have had a rainbow forever, but about 3 years ago, it got taken away, after looking at the lisberg accident I didn't think it would be returning, but I was wrong, it has returned and it looks great. So here is a video for all you rainbow lovers out there :)

here is a video from 2008 before it got taken away:

and here it is after a refurbishment:

Both videos are YouTube btw :)

bob balacano

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......for me,its got to be the Huss large version of "Breakdance No2" owned by German travelling showman Kinzler......fast and furious as hell and g forces to die for.....my favorite flat ride of all time!....ill be going to Hamburg Dom on the 13th to 16th August so i hope ill have many more rides under my belt after that!


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This crazy thing I went on at the fair a year or two back

The things can hang upside down for a really long time, and will flip over and over if you weight it right, because it uses a wheel that hits a short little track (around back), so it is completely random.


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Hyde244 said:
I just remembered this Chance Trabant at Waldameer, Wipeout. When i rode it, it had a particularly long cycle that was absolutely geared towards throwing you into the lawn next to the ride.

Anyone else first see this ride on The Sandlot?

This is somthing I have never seen before, didnt really understand why there were shoulder harnesses until about :41

And heres another odd one

I thought the theming on this one was great



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The King Kong ride has SO much potential but is just absolutely dire. The original concept was that the Train Carriage was going to roll up the track, stop, then the huge arms would lock on to the car and start to shake/rock it. It's a shame it never did this.

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There's a lot of disgusting **** in this video:

But wtf is the Pirate Ship meets S&S 4d coaster?! 1:44

And that contraption at 2:45 just looks wrong on every level!


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Airwolf does look fun. I've been wanting to ride that in SO long now. Intoxx (the inverted version) is also a fantastic ride.