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Insane Flat rides


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Nothing too special but I like maXair at CP.
Like everything there its just a really big spinning frisbee. Thing is deceivingly high and goes a good but past vertical.

Also Skyhawk at CP.
Didn't look like much and I almost didn't bother with it but damn, that ride really swings fast! And you get some sweet floater.


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The most insane one I can think of is this:


It was sort of like a mini version of a Top Spin/Booster hybrid that went around stupidly quickly for about 10 minutes, flipping over hundreds of times! I'm sure I put a video of it on FB, but it seems to have dissapeared. Oh, and my spiteful parents chucked away my old computer without telling me so I've lost all my old files </3.


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Martyn B said:
It needs to go fast for longer, as I can imagine it getting quite repetative and boring, and bit like them annoying Jumping Frog things.

If I was the operator, I'd definitely make it go fast for a while.


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Many of those rides in the video aren't insane, I can tell by having ridden them myself...
Rides as the Matterhorn, High Energy, Jet Force, Star Flyer, Booster Maxxx, Shaker (Vorlop) shown in the video (as other Shakers run WAY better), Airwolf (can be VERY good but aren't anymore), XXL and so on - those are just nice, but not insane
The ride I find the most insane and most intense is Transformer (Schimdt) - it's identical to Stargate (Ernst Agtsch) which is shown in the video - it makes some sick movements and pulls a crazy ammount of Gs - it almost gave me a headache...! :shock: :--D


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I went on a ride called mega dance at Clarence pier last week, I dont know if its insane but unfortunately i was stuck in the seat that was being held upside down and I could feel the blood rushing to my head. And everytime it spun I could hear the seatbelt clicking. Not very enjoyable. :(

I cant get a link to the video, Sorry :(


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Martyn B said:
From 3:20 :shock:

Wtf is that?
There's been a variation of that travelling for quite some time now. That's the first I've seen of this kind. It looks amazing!


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I was just finishing off my Russian trip report, which I will shamelessly promote here:http://www.coasterforce.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=36198, when I remembered this topic.

I rode something called Hoppla, a new ride this year at Wonder Island, and I've never seen one of them before.

Has anyone seen one of these elsewhere, or have any idea who manufactures it etc.?


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^ I've seen it, but I figured out it would be far to extreme for my stomach. It still seemed that it was one of the most popular rides in the area


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Brussels' Midi Fair had an insane Rodeo with a 15 minute cycle and people were literally standing up on it!

It really was mental to watch!

They also had a Rotor where everyone really was going for it, doing all sorts of flips and stuff...


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gavin said:
I rode something called Hoppla, a new ride this year at Wonder Island, and I've never seen one of them before.

Has anyone seen one of these elsewhere, or have any idea who manufactures it etc.?

Its made by MOSER rides, HOPPLA. Prater has one (where I rode it...) and Galaxyland has one as well, indoors.


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KMG Infinity 24 (if you thought XXL was bad this is a WHOLE lot worse):

I definitely have no idea how I haven't heard about THIS ride anywhere on forums having waited around 1 year to even see a realistic picture of it let alone to find out that it is already fully operational! Link to video of the ride in question:



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That's a big thread bump, but I'm totally fine with it for this thread. A lot has to have happened in the flat ride industry over the past eight years. Wonder what other crazy flats have been built out there since 2013?