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Nemesis Inferno

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If Hansa can build a good Eurofighter, then I have faith in this...

Saw a bunch of goons on a site tour when I visited... Was amusing...


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I love the fact that they're going all in with this.
- I mean building a 79m tall tower "just" for the theming of a coaster is pretty damn awesome!

I'm curious as well as to what Gerstlauer can do with this scale of ride.


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I'm interested to see whether they will introduce a new track style. The height of this thing surely means that they won't be using the usual spindly track?


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^I would think that they'd use the quad-tube track that they used on Takabisha's "dog tongue" element:



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I have to admit a 73m tall vertical drop hyper coaster with a lifthill build into a tower does sound quite interesting.


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Well this is sounding like it'll be a bit of a monster!

I've never been to Hansa, but i've heard pretty good things about it, and the Novgorod thing looks like it was well done. So, with any luck, they'll do a good job with this too. It just remains to be seen how Gerstlauer get on with building such a big thing! If i'm recalling correctly, I can't think of anything bigger than Takabisha, at 140-odd feet, that they've built, so this is going to be quite a step up for them.

Darren B

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BBH said:
Takabisha's "dog tongue" element

What the **** is that? And who the **** called it that?


The ride; yeah, it's going to be fantastic. I'm getting harder and harder thinking about it now.


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Sorry for taking so long to post this, but here's a video of the site I filmed back in July:


Since then the tower foundation has been poured and the latest photos can be found at http://www.kärnan.de/de/baublog/.




The photos above are from the Der Schwur des Kärnan - Hypercoaster Facebook page.

I also took photos and will try to find them to post here as well.


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I really hope it's a good coaster. Hansa Park seem to put lots of effort into their investments?


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GorresCoasters said:
That's pretty much expected on most European parks.

Oh look, it's the troll from the RealTycoon forums.
If you've ever been to a theme park in Europe, you'd know what you just said is completely wrong.


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On this new concept art, it looks like the first element will be some kind of a non-inverted sea serpent.
It also looks like it will go into the tower again after a portion of the layout.

We also now know that the track length will be 1235 m and the first drop will be 67 m tall.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/hapaforum?fref=nf

EDIT: They actually just posted this colored version and on second thoughts it doesn't look very accurate.


Nemesis Inferno

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That was some quick construction of the tower, considering only 3 weeks ago it was just a hole in the ground...

I still believe that if all the markers that stretch towards the Water Slide are for this, the layout is going to absolutely dominate that side of the park...