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That Ice Age attraction be lookin Disney level... and maybe since Disney owns Fox we could see somethin' alike to that in one of them parks of theres...
(my fingers crossed that no because Ice Age is a dog poop franchise)


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As of yesterday, (February 12), Genting Skyworlds was able to get their first coaster opened to guests after its absence during the early soft opening and extensive employee ride previews/testing. Samba Gliders began construction in 2017 and marks the first Setpoint suspended coaster to open in 12 years. Judging by the wait times that it's racked up on the park's app in comparison to everything else, it's already quite popular.
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There are a few more attractions left that have not been opened yet
1. Acorn Adventure
2. Expedition Thin Ice
3. Mad Ramp Peak
4. SFX Coaster unknown
5. Planet Of Apes
6. Wings Over Rio

Does anyone know about the attraction of Wings Over Rio? It's a kind of boat ride in a big building but I can't get much info about it even on the main site of Genting in the rio area there is no mention of boat attractions.


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Here's a little eyebrow-raiser for the day. The Terraform Tower Challenge actually has the loading platform floor drop out from under guests so that they can plunge down to a show scene around 20-30 feet below ground. Not something that's ever been seen on an S&S tower ride to date. Look's like they have some kind of show scene down there (mind the cut in the video, riders spend more than 5 seconds at the bottom), which would make sense given that the Alien vs Predator was originally tapped for this ride. See it here;