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Honestly do we know what the deal is with these SFX coasters? Just insanely unreliable to never open, I don’t understand how they still get orders based on the farce of the Ferrari coaster never opening despite ostensibly being finished years ago.

In a similar way I’m surprised the company hasn’t collapsed or at least folded the coaster division - surely they are having to compensate Ferrari World for the loss of not having it open and taking up a key space in the park? And potentially the same for Genting too?

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This is the difference between the SFX Coaster track at Mission Ferrari and the SFX Coaster at Genting SkyworldsScreenshot_20220116_191841_edit_406041229057137.jpgScreenshot_20220116_191741_edit_406302008180215.jpgScreenshot_20220116_203422_edit_406018168785479.jpgIf in Genting there is a design or pattern on that part of the track, it is strange why these two tracks are not the same?271935931_254502786823985_30075908995078038_n_edit_381661422387896.jpg


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As far as I remember this ride was always meant to be for a phase 2 of the park. Still surprised they've not built it in all the time they've had during the phase 1 delays though.

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Yes, they are still not ready for the track, there are some videos taken from the drone
Look at the 0:19 minute SFX Coaster track for the interior is still outside the theme park, I think all the tracks are already installed apparently not


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i still think this actually looks pretty decent. if only it had one or two high quality coasters it would be a great spot, but honestly i'm just happy they tried with the themeing


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Although they have soft-opened to the public, there are five rides that are not yet available but seem ready to go; the three coasters and dark rides themed to Planet of the Apes and Ice Age

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Expedition Thin Ice dark ride animation concept

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