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Floater or Ejector

Ejector or Floater

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LiveForTheLaunch said:
I have to agree with what people are saying about ejector. It really does get your pulse racing and your mind wondering if you're ever going to get off the ride safely, but you can experience that by maybe going 60 miles per hour in a car and slamming on your brakes.

Floater on the other hand is a unique experience, really only something you can get out of coasters and nothing else, which is what makes it even more special, and is yet another reason why I prefer it over ejector.
Try riding down a wavy road on a marsh or something. Riding to my baseball game today I got great foater on a crazy wavy road. I can never get the gut feeling and feeling that I may fly into a lake on a car.

Ejector all the way.

You give me one shot ride Nitro or El Toro, I laugh I walk right into Plaza Del Carneval.

It's basically like asking would you rather have 1 g or 5 g's. Give me a break.


But Blade, you have not yet experienced ejector (or at least i think you havn't :? )