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COTALAND | Texas | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle (Palindrome) & Vekoma Tilt (Circuit Breaker) & Others


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I've planned a two-week trip for parks in Texas and Georgia in 2024 - but so far no ride on the list for which I would postpone that for a year...


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I am one of the subscribers of the COTA Newsletter and there is plenty to talk about for this year's Christmas event: Peppermint Parkway.
New items include:
-Pepper's Petting Zoo
-3 lane light-up slide
and the highlight of this email to me was the announcement of THREE NEW RIDES coming to this event. Maybe these are also new COTALAND attractions!


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Today, I received another newsletter about Peppermint Parkway and the three new rides mentioned have disappeared. Everything else but the slide remains the same though. More information about the park is likely to be mentioned during ACE Winterfest though.

Edit: I was mistaken, they still state that three amusement rides are coming this year.
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Well well well look who showed up to play...

Wasn't counting on black track/white supports but yea it'll be cool.



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Winterfest 24' over at SeaWorld San Antonio will happen at the end of the month and we may hear more about the current status of COTALAND. Stay tuned...


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Since I've been keeping track, here's a list of new rides that as of this writing have been proven to either be manufactured or are on site;
  • Palindrome - Gerstlauer Infinity
  • Circuit Breaker - Vekoma Tilt (footer cages)
  • Spin Out - Bertazzon Music Express
  • SBF Visa Log Flume & Space Gun
  • Funtime Starflyer & SkyFall drop tower
  • Fabbri Telecombat (12-arm model)
  • Levent Lunapark Octopus/Polyp
Adding to this list we appear to have a Miami from Wisdom Rides. It's currently under production at the factory, not hard to identify;

In the meantime we have had ONE very big 16000 KG part delivered for Circuit Breaker... don't even need to elaborate.
Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 2.31.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2024-01-11 at 2.32.31 PM.png


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And here it is in all its glory... a Levent Lunapark "Speedway" Demolition Derby being fabricated for Texas.

Correct me if I'm wrong but COTA is the only North American party that's been purchasing rides from Turkey. They've had a wacky worm running and already received a Polyp. Love how they've literally ordered rides from all over the place.


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Another COTA sized helping of updates out of the ACE Winterfest event;
  • Full park opening officially delayed into 2025
  • Palindrome commissioning will be completed in April/May of this year, Circuit Breaker to follow.
  • On the topic of our lovely tilt coaster, here be its red train at Vekoma
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The 2025 edition of Winterfest might feature the full ride list for the park, new logo, and eateries that might be inside the park. For shopping, I would love to see a store dedicated to diecast vehicles, slot cars, and remote-controlled vehicles!