1. TPoseOnTantrum

    Mandoria | Aquila | Vekoma Family Launch Coaster | 2025

    After a few years of opening new coasters and rides inside of their existing building, Mandoria is thinking bigger; Personally I think this is amazing for a mall park that only opened its doors... two years ago?
  2. endermanloveH20

    Best Vekoma SLC (A Stretch)

    Do you have a favorite SLC? (BIG STRETCH I KNOW) My favorite is The Great Nor'easter at Morey's Piers
  3. Coaster Stop

    HangOver - Unknown - Tornado - Triops

    HangOver - Unknown - Tornado - Triops I’m on the hunt for pretty much any information, videos, pictures of this Vekoma inverted boomerang. I have been working on a video about its history for almost a year now and I have pages and pages of information but there are some things needed...
  4. TPoseOnTantrum

    COTALAND | Texas | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle (Palindrome) & Vekoma Tilt (Circuit Breaker) & Others Feels like Déjà Vu And no, this does not appear to be the already-announced Defiance to Glenwood Caverns, very different USA project and we’ll find out at IAAPA next month!
  5. James F

    Manufacturers' 'Breakthrough' Coaster

    It seems as if companies such as B&M, Intamin, Vekoma and S&S have been around forever, it's hard to imagine what the industry would look like without them. I've decided to go back and discover what individual coaster put these companies on the map and why they still have influence in today's...
  6. mattorres

    B&M needs some competition on Wing Coaster market

    Hi guys, I was just thinking how B&M dominates the coaster market in different styles. When you think about models like hyper, giga, inverted, wing and flying coaster you probably think first about B&M. The interesting point is that B&M has competition to all her coaster models except for the...
  7. mattorres

    What's the price of a Family Boomerang by Vekoma? How much does it cost?

    Guys, I've been asking myself how much does a family Boomerang cost and I can't find anything. I saw somewhere a normal Boomerang cost around 5 million dollars. Does anyone have an idea about family Boomerang?
  8. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Vogel Rok [Indoor Rollercoaster]

    Time to ride a classic ride created in RCT3. For some reason I never posted it on the forums here. Its compact and nicely paced with the music and the effects. Take ride on the Vogel Rok! Vogel Rok is a high speed thrilling rollercoaster through the Sinbad fairytale, where Vogel Rok takes you...
  9. Intamin to Win

    What are your favorite “clone/basic” coaster models?

    “Clones”, as I’m sure you can guess, means in this case a model of coaster that has been rebuilt in the exact same way multiple times. If at least two of them exist, and their layouts are identical, then it counts. “Mirrored” coaster clones are fine (ie Wonder Woman + Railblazer) assuming the...
  10. Joe Myler

    New Ride At Blackpool Pleasure Beach?

    Markings have been spotted on the old site of trauma towers at the pleasure beach which could indicate a new ride to soon come to Blackpool. Personally I would love to see a Mack Big Dipper because after seeing videos and clips of Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland, I would love to see one operating...
  11. CrashCoaster

    Another Prototype on the Vekoma Test Site

    So it looks like Vekoma are testing a new thrill coaster concept. Apparently it's their answer to a Mack XTREME Spinning coaster, but I've also heard it could be for Energylandia's proposed multi-launch and multi-inverting water coaster:- Found on TPR.
  12. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Joris en de Draak Reupload

    Here another reupload from 2013. Vekoma Indoor MK themed to Efteling's Joris en de Draak legend. It joins my vekoma indoor coaster series. Now I have plenty of them with many diffrent themes. From Paris to the Draak swamp lol Have fun!
  13. Matthew Fair

    Some interesting manufacturer graphs..

    Threw these together this evening. Interesting stuff!
  14. EthC

    Sansei Technologies Buys Vekoma

    Well according to this article atleast it seams Sansei Technologies, the people who own S&S currently have bought out Vekoma. Some of the Press quotes from the article. Quite interesting development, will be exciting to see what comes of this hopefully. Source...
  15. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Moulin Rouge {RCT3} CanCan Coaster

    Inspired by the new EuroSat Concepts [Europapark] Vekoma Indoor Rollercoaster MK-900 High speed journey through the Parisan nightlife in style of Moulin Rouge, featuring rollercoaster fun, theming and effects.
  16. ImagineerTim

    ImagineerTim's Space Center/Temple of the Nighthawk [RCT3]

    I just finished my second version of Werner Stengel's masterpiece rebuild and reimagined by myself. I did Temple years ago and now its time for the space theme. layout is the same. less layout more theming. more immersion.
  17. Coaster Hipster

    Summer 17' Creds in Poland (Part 2: Legendia)

    I had to make it to Poland this year. The self-hype on Lech Coaster was too big for me to handle! A goon friend joined me (not without intense lobbying from my part :p ) on this adventure which would comprise +14 coasters... but no Intamin, Mack or B&M! Part 1: Energylandia But first...
  18. Ireeb

    Has anyone been on Hyperspace Mountain Paris yet?

    As far as I know, Hyperspace Mountain at Disneyland Paris is open to the public now. I am curious if the ride got better and more rideable with the new trains or if it still painful. All reviews are appreciated!
  19. GuyWithAStick

    Condor @ Walibi Holland gets new Front Rows

    Bit of an interesting move from a park- Walibi Holland has replaced the front rows on both of Condor's trains with two different types of cars. One has KumbaK seats, the other has Vekoma Vests. The rest of the rows are still going to have the horse collars. Here's a roughly translated Looopings...