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Colossus Partial Retrack (Thorpe Park)


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it kind of does take a lot of space, more so than any other coaster at the park

they could easily fit a bigger/longer coaster in that space, it literally takes up the whole side of the park from rush to saw island, with the saw alive infilled land added it makes it an even bigger plot of land really
Screenshot 2023-05-31 18.23.56.png
I Know this is a strange hill to die on and apologies for the tangent, but Colossus is a compact ride by my standards. It's not much bigger than the area for Nemesis Inferno, and considering it crams in over twice as many inversions you can't deny it's an incredibly efficient use of space. That's before we consider about 40% of the land use in that area is for pathways.

For interest's sake I also looked at the rough areas for Dragon Khan and The Smiler as comparable coasters which have all held the most inversions crown. Colossus uses nearly half the area of Dragon Khan and remarkably The Smiler was about 50% smaller again, though we suspect those constraint's led to some of the issues Smiler faced.

Long story short, I don't think you could 'easily fit a bigger/longer coaster' in there. And I can't imagine them going to the effort when they have the island behind swarm and as you point out, space to in-fill around the Saw maze.

PS. If I was the big boss and had an infinite money cheat code, of course I would replace it with an Intamin multi-launch flying above and below all the pathways.
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