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CoasterForce’s Favourite Dutch Rollercoasters


Mega Poster
  1. Untamed
  2. Troy
  3. Fenix
  4. Joris en de Draak
  5. De Vliegende Hollander
  6. Goliath
  7. Lost Gravity
  8. Goldrush
  9. Baron 1898
  10. Vogel Rok


Giga Poster
1. Untamed. It's just the best.
2. Goliath. It's just the second best.
4. Joris en de Draak. Either side is really fab, it's just loads of fun and great in the dark.
4. Baron 1899. Love the theme, looks great, and more dive machines need zero-G rolls.
5. Fenix. This is a lovely ride in a lovely area. Best thing Toverland has done apart from moving the entrance.
6. Troy. Last time I rode you could tell it needed a bit of work, but it's still a great coaster.
7. Dwervelwind. Also very much up there in the lovely stakes. And some fabulous OBA.
8. Gold Rush. Short and sweet. Those 3 launches are a good laugh,
9. Dragon Fly. I really, really like this ride. How they squeezed this through a forest is just awesome.
10. Rodelbaan. Lots of points for uniqueness, and it beats Vliegende Hollander to the final spot because the coaster part of its ride is better.

If only Vliegende Hollander had a better coastery bit it would have made it. Also I’ve never had a good ride on Lost Gravity which is frustrating but I can only judge on what it was like for me.


CF Legend
1. Untamed, Walibi Holland - yh, duh
2. Troy (Troy) - haven't ridden it since I think 2018? But it was still awesome, especially at night as DesTroy!
3. Baron 1898 - short, sweet and to the point with some of the best theming on a coaster in the world (I said what I said).
4. Gold Rush - a really fun, infinitely rerideable no messing about coaster. Underrated in fact.
5. Joris en de Draak - sooo fun, again infinitely rerideable, awesome soundtrack. Shame about the dragon.
6. Lost Gravity - Adore this ride, absolutely mad, fantastic elements and transitions with lovely accented airtime here and there.
7. Dwervelwind - just so, so magical. I enjoy a spinning coaster anyway but the theming and IMAscore soundtrack is beautiful.
8. Platform 13 - can't believe we haven't seen this mentioned yet! Incredible theming pre-ride, a fun launch and layout, what's not to like?!
9. Goliath - there was a time when this was in my Top 10 and it's still a really great ride that packs a punch with a butt-load of what I like to call 'old-school' airtime.

And a final 10 depending on what we're talking about here...
10a. Vliegende Hollander - if we're going 'ride experience' then it's VH all the way, one of the most atmospheric and immersive rides in the world.
10b. Fenix - if we're going pure coaster, it's Fenix. Even if I don't particularly rate/remember it.


Mega Poster
1, Untamed
2, Fenix
3, Baron 1898
4, Joris en de Draak
5, Troy (yes some will be surprised it's this far down - but unfortunately it always gives me a brain-shake headache - I tend to prefer slightly smaller GCI's)
6, Dwervelwind
7, Vogal Rok
8, Lost Gravity
10, Gold Rush

Honourable mention to Vliegende Hollander which is one of my top 10 favourite RIDES of all time.....like, in the WORLD! but thought I'd leave it out as I class it more an experience/dark ride!


Hyper Poster
1. Goliath
2. Baron
3. Xpress Platform 13
4. Joris
5. Vliegende Hollander
6. Bob
7. Robin Hood
8. Python
9. Vogel Rok
10. Eugh. Condor. It's better than the boomerang at least.

I've been trying to get to Toverland and revisit Walibi Holland for a few years now but my Wedding then Covid got in the way.

I'm holding out hope of making it this year, but currently Netherlands are not allowing UK visitors in without quarrantine 😕.


Giga Poster
1. Untamed
2. Joris en de Draak
3. Baron 1898
4. Vliegende Hollander
5. Lost Gravity
6. Troy
7. Goliath
8. Vogel Rok
9. Fenix
10. Bob

Matt N

CF Legend
Best coasters in Australia.

Australia's got double the population of Pennsylvania and they got a poll previously 💁‍♂️
I did wonder about doing Australia, as I’d certainly love to do it, but I was only unsure because I don’t know how many CFers have actually been to Australia or live in Australia; have many on here been, or are there many who live in Australia? I only say that because if only a handful of CFers have actually been to Australia, then it’s not the most fair poll to do, as it excludes a large percentage of the site’s membership.

Ditto with a lot of Asia as well; I’d love to do the Asian countries at some stage, but I’m unsure if I could get a large enough sample size of people who’ve been to Asia or live in Asia.

If there’s a decent sample size to work with, however, it’s certainly a suggestion I’ll look into!


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I have 15 Australian creds and I've hugged two koalas :)

(I know I go on about it a bit, but a) it was fab and b) I don't have many obscure creds worth bragging about!!)

The koalas rank:
1. Rocco
2. Lanna
(Lanna had sharp claws)

Matt N

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Sorry; I think I underestimated the amount of people on this forum who’ve been to places like Japan and Australia!

Which would you like to see in September; Japan or Australia?


Strata Poster
Sorry; I think I underestimated the amount of people on this forum who’ve been to places like Japan and Australia!

Which would you like to see in September; Japan or Australia?
Well, I've been to Australia, but not yet to Japan, so my vote goes for that. But I can't think of that many members that have Australian creds and regularly participate in these polls. Maybe 6 or so altogether?


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I think we could all assume what would at least be in the top 10 Australia coasters given its has only approx 30 to choose from including a wooden mouse and a Mack hyper.

Best coasters in Australia.

Australia's got double the population of Pennsylvania and they got a poll previously 💁‍♂️

Pennsylvania has got 59 🤷‍♂️ .

Japan has got over 200, including the non inverting stand-up with an airtime hill that bounces the restraint (and yes Hakugei). You'd have to leave some of the good ones out.

Matt N

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Right then; it's 1st September, and the results of this poll are in! And they're extremely intriguing; the top 10 certainly contained a few surprises, for sure!

If you need a recap on how I calculate these rankings; basically, I take the mean ranking of each ride and divide it by the number of people who included it in order to work out a final score, similar to what the site team does for the overall poll each year.

Overall, 21 CoasterForce members ranked 28 different roller coasters, and the results determine that the site's top 10 Dutch rollercoasters are as follows:
  1. Untamed at Walibi Holland (RMC, 2019, Final Score 0.08673469388)
  2. Joris en de Draak at Efteling (GCI, 2010, Final Score 0.2191358025)
  3. Troy at Toverland (GCI, 2007, Final Score 0.248 recurring)
  4. Goliath at Walibi Holland (Intamin, 2002, Final Score 0.25)
  5. Baron 1898 at Efteling (B&M, 2015, Final Score 0.259 recurring)
  6. Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland (Mack, 2016, Final Score 0.362244898)
  7. De Vliegende Hollander at Efteling (KumbaK, 2007, Final Score 0.3928571429)
  8. Fenix at Toverland (B&M, 2018, Final Score 0.42361 recurring)
  9. Xpress Platform 13 at Walibi Holland (Vekoma, 2000, Final Score 0.734375)
  10. Vogel Rok at Efteling (Vekoma, 1998, Final Score 0.74)
So that's CF's top 10 Dutch coasters, by my reckoning! An interesting list, don't you think? Let's dive a bit deeper into the results!

Firstly, in contrast with any other region I've polled so far, we can ascertain that some of the Netherlands' most revered coasters are made of wood or have some element of wood involved with them; in a first for these polls, the entirety of the Netherlands' top 3 comprises of wooden and hybrid coasters!

Secondly, the Netherlands' top 10 coasters are newer than those of the other regions I've done so far, with a mean opening year of 2009.2, or 2009 to the nearest year! By comparison, this figure was 2006 for the UK, 2008 for Germany, 2005 for Florida, 2008 for California, and 1997 for Pennsylvania! And to be honest, it's only Vogel Rok's 1998 keeping this figure out of the 2010s; had Dwervelwind, the very close #11 (missed the top 10 by a mere 0.01!), been in the top 10, the mean opening year would have shot up to 2011! So I think it's safe to say that the Netherlands' current heavyweights are all fairly new in comparison to those of other regions!

Also, there's a very wide range of manufacturers; no manufacturer has more than 2 coasters in the list, with there being 2 GCIs, 2 B&Ms, 2 Vekomas, 1 RMC, 1 Mack, 1 KumbaK and 1 Intamin!

So that's CF's Favourite Dutch Rollercoasters! I hope you enjoyed the poll! Here's the spreadsheet, if you're interested in how I did all of this:

In terms of this month's poll, be on the lookout for CoasterForce's Favourite Japanese Rollercoasters; the topic for that one will appear shortly!
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The age stat is interesting - just goes to show how well the parks in the Netherlands have been doing the last decade.

That's a solid Top 10 too, I think. If you could ride those, you'd have got a great overview of how good coasters outside the UK can be!