1. sarahsmile

    Pure, Delicious Candymonium: Sarah & Scott's Trip to Hersheypark, 8/6/20

    One of the many things that I’m massively passionate about in this world besides theme parks is eating- particularly sweets and the sugar rush that accompanies them. I have to be honest and say that Hersheypark is and always will be one of those safe havens for me where I can shamelessly indulge...
  2. Matt N

    CoasterForce's favourite UK roller coasters

    Hi guys. Most of you probably know that @Pokemaniac, @Hyde and a few other of CF's team members (apologies for forgetting which; the first two were the main ones that came to mind, but I think @Hixee may have been involved too, as well as potentially @Ian? Do correct me if I'm wrong.) run a...
  3. Hyde

    CoasterForce's Favorite Coasters - 2019 Edition

    Thank you again to all for ranking your top 10 roller coasters! Our crack team of analysts, spreadsheet artists, field researchers, algorithmic mathematicians, academic calculators, and quantitative number crunchers (aka @Hixee, @Pokemaniac, and @Hyde) have been hard at work analyzing all...
  4. Snoo

    Fury of the Copperhead | CAROWINDS | 4th May 2019

    HELLO ONE AND ALL! The first USA Live of 2019 is upon us! Fury of the Copperhead at Carowinds! This bad boy will be taking place on May 4th, 2019. As far as meeting up and such, that will be determined once we get the ball rolling of course however how many of you would like to attend? Once we...