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Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch


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Don't think its a fast-track at all (either flavour),

The VIP flavour seems to be a "early ride" ticket (before park opening), on selected dates (yet to be announced), the standard ticket was just a entrance ticket + 1 ride ticket at any time in the season (plus certificates etc). Its just a bit of marketing spin, buy it for an Xmas present sort of thing - nothing to get excited by.


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It's not a fast track. They had these boarding cards on sale at the PB before the season ended. I asked, and they said you still have to queue the normal queue, but you get a certificate afterwards to say you have ridden Icon.


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Why would anyone pay £17 for one ride when you can get onto everything for about a tenner more? Rich people with time management issues?


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Fairly sure I paid the same price as this thing for a wristband the other week.

All about the certificate I guess. One for the coaster crate.


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Hang on then, does that price include entry to the park? If it does then that's not too bad. I thought it was just paying £16 to ride the coaster and get a certificate.


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Big Blue has a really high occupancy rate, surprising considering the cost of the place. It's mainly due to the fact that it's also used a lot for commercial/corporate occupancy as it's a really nice hotel within Blackpool, which is an irregularity.


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Icon Construction/Out of Season Update 28/10/2017
  • Vertical construction has begun.
  • More track arrival.
  • A LOT of work progressing.
Video by Pleasure Beach Experience.


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Icon is indeed vertical, and can be seen outside the park / off of Pleasure Beach property with a good lens! :)





Credit to Auto Ride Count for the photos!


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Is that the bottom of the Immelmann in the photo? I'm struggling to tell, I don't see how Wallace and Gromit TOM could be in the background from the angle the photo is taken from, if that is the Immelmann.

And it seems RCS is building the coaster, since the wagon and the crane in the photos has the RCS logo on it.
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