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Blackpool Pleasure Beach | Icon | Mack Multi-Launch


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The POV makes it look a hell of a lot slower than it feels, it really is an outstanding ride and by far my favourite coaster in the UK.

I presume this was filmed on a cold, very early morning empty train.


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The map has stuff missing for a start. Where is the Steeplechase track? And the Big Dipper turnaround section is missing. Does nobody proof read these? I have a fair few BPB park maps, and whilst I don’t analyse them with a fine toothed comb, to leave out big chunks of a couple of rides is a bit crap

Edit: Actually the Steeplechase track is shown, I think I’m referring to an early map from this season where it wasn’t present. Still, Big Dipper comes to an abrupt end after the dive bend !
That's in prep for next year when they both get torn down without notice

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Is she having fun? I can't tell


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Damn, the POV doesn’t do it justice at all!

Maybe they should’ve done what Liseberg did and mount the camera close to the rail.

I promise you it feels faster (and looks faster) on ride - at least it did on Saturday!


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Sun sets in the west, over the Irish sea, which is where the sun is in the POV. But don't let facts distract you from your opinion...
Well it was definitely filmed on an empty train, and it it doesn't travel as far along the brake run before it stops, unlike how I've seen it in person with a train full, so it's definitely running slower in this POV.


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Looks slow...

Seriously though POV's never do coasters complete justice. It's just silly to write it off from that POV.


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Looks slow...

Seriously though POV's never do coasters complete justice. It's just silly to write it off from that POV.
Yup! I always assume a coaster will run a bit faster at the end of the day with a full train, but POVs do give a good indication.

Helix was the same, we all thought it looked a tad slow in the initial POVs and while it wasn't quite that slow when riding during the day, it only really became amazing late in the evening.
I'm still very excited to ride it, but the POV indicates it suffers from slightly undercooked launches.


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It really didn't feel slow when I went on it on Monday and I was on the back row of an empty train. comparative to Helix as how it feels on ride. I was pleasantly surprised, but I can understand people who expected something a little more intense like an intamin, but you feel more speed then that pov would have you belive. I'm not trying to hype it up or be a fan boy, it's simply what I thought.

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