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Best coaster name of all time


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wabbit42 said:
Simple ones that immediately let you get a feel of the ride like Stealth, Colossus or Nemesis.
Really? I always thought that Stealth was the most ill-concieved name.

What's stealthy about the tallest thing in the park or being launched?
(The other Stealth was no better, IMHO.)


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iSpeed; on the basis that the letter "i" placed before nouns and verbs are the new fad :lol:


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I've always thought Nemesis was a great name for a ride..... Kraken is very good too, I know that it's a name of a mythical creature that the ride is themed around so not exactly original..... but I like the idea.


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I can't decide between "Golden Wings in Snowfield," "Fly over Mediterranean," and "Harvest Time." Happy Valley just has the best names!
Although I think names like Oblivion and Vortex and those sort of "fear mongering" names
I have to say that Nemesis is my favourite, it just rolls of the tounge
And you can shorten it to Nemmy :)


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Nemesis is the best in my opinion. It's exciting and intimidating, and because it isn't used very often, even for many non-coaster-nuts, the word conjures up an image of the ride, which is great PR for Alton :lol:


metalhead7 said:
X (can anyone else name a coaster named after a letter?)
Well, I guess X:\ No Way Out sort of counts. :--D

I like the name El Toro a lot myself. The coaster really rides like a bull, especially at night. It's good imagery. American Eagle is another name I really like, not sure why.