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Best coaster name of all time


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Millennium Force.

Very befitting and appropriate.
HitnRun said:
Worst: Batman: The Ride
Agreed. It sounds like a gay reference.

I got to thinking about names that I liked. Rebel Yell sounds pretty interesting. I can picture some hillbilly with two teeth(one of them in his pocket) drinking moonshine and letting out a big YEEEE HAWWWWWW.


All of Chimelong's coasters! Dive Coaster, 10 Inversion Roller Coaster, Motorbike Launch Coaster. Doesn't get much more creative, eh?

Seriously though, SheiKra, Manta, X-Flight, and for some reason I like Volcano: The Blast Coaster as a whole (not just Volcano)
There are more... it could go on and on and on.


To narrow it down, it definitely isn't Th13rteen.

It's blatantly Nemesis.


Millennium Force, don't ask why, I think think it sounds very nice.
Maverick, Kumba, Manta, Oblivion, Infusion, Kraken, Furious Baco, Mean Streak, Scooby Doo's Gasping Ghoster Coaster. I like coaster names you can use in any context as an object and can be said without having to pause half way through (and the last two are just awesome anyway)


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Some of my favourites include:

- Xflight
- Goliath (if it weren't so overused, it would be better)
- Dominator
- El Toro
- Dragon Khan
- Most other foreigny sounding ones (Kumba, SheiKra, etc)
- Millennium Force
- Shivering Timbers
- Diamondback


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I like the mythical names: Hydra (without the stupid subheader), Medusa, Montu, and those using a foreign name in the right context, as SheiKra or Kumba. For some reason, I also find Thunder Dolphin to be a nice name.

I see some people have chosen Infusion, which I find to be a downright stupid name, on a level of Mumbo Jumbo (without the tongue-in-cheek). Infusion is the process in which dried plants are put in hot water, and adds flavour, smell, and colour to it. In other words, the brewing of tea.


I like shiekra, nemesis inferno, and maverick, I dont know why, just the way they sound.


^^ I was just about to mention the Dog Fart Coaster!

Im suprised Drachen Fire hasn't been mentioned.

As for others that haven't been mentioned already, I quite like, Eagle Fortress, Alpengeist, Black Mamba.

Barry's Big Dipper brings a smile to my face where as, Wallis's Wonderful Wriggling Wirral Wacky Worm doesn't really do it for me :)


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Drachen Fire.. epic. If it wasn't 'Drachen' the name would suck.. lol


Reading quickly down a list of “higher class” roller coasters, I think these names justify their coasters to some extent, so also, (for the sake of this thread) mostly of course, I think these coasters’ names are just overall cool. Here’s my top 10 favorite coaster names (just quickly picked out), though names are listed in alphabetical order...

Behemoth - sure is a pretty huge coaster!

Déjà Vu - fits neat with the ride idea

Fujiyama - metaphorically speaking, traveling up and over the tremendous crests of one of Japan’s most epic mountains!

Millennium Force - of course, just an overall nice name, as previously mentioned

Nitro - just always thought it was a cool name, especially for this slick, classic B&M coaster for which it was named

Oblivion - fall into oblivion!

The Voyage - sure a long, seemingly endless, great journey!

Vortex - just think it’s a cool name as well

X - sure did fit great with the newly introduced, fantastic, “4th dimension” breed of coasters...now “X2” though

Xcelerator - and sure does “accelerate”