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Best Coaster Color Schemes

Rolling Thunder

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I was rather surprised I couldn't find a thread on this (and if there is and I missed it just delete this) but I thought it might be fun to discuss some of the best color combinations for roller coasters out there.

Personally I really think that Cedar Fair rules in this category, there newer coasters (with maybe the exception of Valravn?) really stand out to me such as Banshee, Fury, Gatekeeper, etc. But other than that there are a few coasters that have surpassed my expectations in how stunning they look, such as
  • Wicked Cyclone - I actually didn't think this would be so great, as I always thought blue rails would have been a better choice. After visiting the park recently though, The bright orange really pops out and fits with the area, and the grey supports give the structure that gloomy/stormy feel that I believe they were going for while still looking modern.
  • Raging Bull - While the colors have faded on this coaster (the red is becoming a weak pink) it still really pops out! I'm not sure why, but it looks good with the way the coaster wraps around itself multiple times and just fits the area well. Also decent theming for a SF park.
What are some of your favorite coaster colors?!


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We have had a couple of other topics on the subject of best looking coasters (some extending a little further than just colour too):

Back in 2011: http://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/worst-and-best-colour-scheme.32302/
February 2017: http://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/most-beautiful-coaster.40799/
May 2017: http://coasterforce.com/forums/threads/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly.41101/#post-992598

That said, considering the most recent topic directly about colours was 2011 (that I could find with a quick search), I'm willing to let this one go.

I'll have a think and post some contenders later - although I urge all posters to think about the important difference between a good photo of a coaster, and a good looking coaster - they're not always the same thing. ;)


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Red track & black supports really do it for me

Eejanaika looked badass in this colour, especially with the scale of the mofo.


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Not just to toot my own park's horn; I genuinely think Untamed at Canobie has an excellent paint job with the opposite goal to blend in rather than stand out with its forest track and mottled white/grey/black supports that are random enough to pull it out.
Source: Official Canobie PR photo.


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