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Alton Towers | Wicker Man | GCI Wood


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Some more pictures by Attraction Images:-

A zoomed out photo of the one with the front of a train in view.

The one @Lofty posted:-

An overview of the front of the park:-

EDIT:- Found these on Towers Times:-

And perhaps the best:-
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I did think it would look good from ground level, and I think that photo does look really good. When the trees are fuller though, I reckon it'll pop even more. The constant barrage of aerial photos have just made everything look pretty flat and dull, so I'm glad we're starting to see it from the ground now.


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Those near misses though...
I'm not bothered that this coaster is small tbh. I'm just imagining it as more of a wooden mega-lite than a small family coaster.


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Yeah, this has suddenly leapt up in my estimations. This could look really good once it's all polished off. I do hope that there are decent viewpoints of this coaster from around the paths and stuff - it'll really add to the atmosphere of the area.


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I also want to play this game.

In all seriousness though, this is the best non-concept art picture I've seen of the ride so far - I'm almost impressed with the theming. Well done to the photographer for finding an angle this thing looks half-decent from :)


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^This is why I love these forums, stuff like this don't happen on TPR or pretty much anywhere on the internet anymore.
Regarding Wicker Man, I think the layout is pretty solid, the theming goes beyond my expectations so for now it's just waiting for a pov to be released to see how it rides.


I'm still pinching myself that we finally have a woodie at Alton Towers after decades of waiting and 2 disappointing false starts (cross-valley woodie and coaster corner woodie).

Thanks for the great pictures and great banter, happy Monday everyone!


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I've just realized, in this picture there are yellow "things" on the lift hill every 20ft or so. I wonder if this is to do with the silent anti-rollback system.


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If anyone was questioning if this coaster will have a speedy end, just look at the final banking ;)

In seriousness though, love the Wicker Man structure, they've done an excellent job on it. Plus, as a narrative, the fact that as you enter one side of the structure, it's a Ram's head and as you enter the opposite side it's a man - to symbolise a change through magic/the fire is really ****ing cool. I'm sure @Joey would agree with that.