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Towersstreet Talk are reporting on their facebook that some plans have surfaced on the Staffordshire Moorlands planning portal as part of a structural assessment that show a possible layout for SW8

Here's the link to the page: http://publicaccess.staffsmoorlands.gov.uk/portal/servlets/ApplicationSearchServlet?PKID=103314 but it seems enthusiasts have hugged it to death.

I can't decide what it looks like most, I think GCI but could be RMC but there doesn't seem to be any obvious inversions? Unless they're pulling a Smiler with it all in GDO and this is just a courtesy to the council so some inversions might appear later?

(Not sure if I've put this in the right place?)


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Definitely has a layout akin to a wooden. Can't quite make out map though, is the top north with the pirate area to the left?


The brown circle is the flume station I think.

James from TST has made this overlay to show how it fits into the area:


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Social Media Team
Womp womp, that's a GCI.

Which fits with what I'm hearing on the grapevine.


Hopefully it turns out to be an RMC but looking at that plan I think a GCI is very likely.

I wonder how Merlin will market this as a 'World's first'.


david morton said:
Looks a bit "family" though - but a friendly modern-woody might be all that the GP can take...

(and shouldn't this all be over here ; http://www.coasterforce.com/forums/view ... =3&t=39837 )
Ah yeah, sorry, should have looked harder than I did for the topic!

If it is just a family friendly little ride then it seems a bit of waste of a fairly large area for development? Unless they plan to expand further into the woods after this opens and beds in a little?


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I'd imagine the building for a pre-show will feature something to make it a world first sort of thing.

Eh, thought it looked a bit short at first glance, moreso when seeing it super imposed onto the Flume area.


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Idk about the family bit. It looks like a normal GCI, and a hell of a lot bigger than Invadr. I think it'll fit AT nicely

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It does look very woodie-like, which is good, but the shortish layout worries me a bit.

After all the fuss about the British public not being interested wooden coasters, what a hindrance it could be if the first new one was a bit duff.

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If this is legit it definitely points to a standard woodie and not a launched RMC that was rumoured. I think everyone is on the right track with GCI, the section where the 3 bits of track run parallel looks very 'GCI'. Still very happy that it does look like Alton will finally get its woodie even if it does look a tad short.


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After that lawsuit, and considering the price of doing something extraordinary, I wouldn't blame them for playing it safe. To buy off the shelf, but the best of the shelf at that. Besides, "the first new wooden coaster in the UK in 20 years" isn't a too bad phrase to build on from a marketing standpoint. It'll be something new to much of the target demographic, and considering the advances in coaster design and technology, they could feasibly market it as "the best wooden coaster in the UK" too.

It could also be seen as a bit of a pioneering project for that rumoured Thorpe woodie. If this one is a big hit, roll out something bigger and better at Thorpe a couple of years down the line. If it flops, then quietly shelf those plans and find something else for Thorpe.

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Some people on Facebook have been doing a bit of digging and found some info: 62ft tall, with a first drop of around 20ft, turn, then a 49ft drop (sort of similar to Shockwave at Drayton?). There'll be 3 tunnels, plus 3 theming structures, including utilising the Flumes old station.

Sounds fun, and looks a good length for a small woodie!

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I hope it's pirate themed. If they refill the "lake" in and have water effects (like Joris en de Draak) that'll be cool.