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5 best UK rides/rollercoasters


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Completely forgot about Dragon's Fury. that would be fourth which pushes Air out of its unworthy fifth position.


Nemesis Inferno said:
1 - Nemesis
2 - Megaphobia
3 - Oblivion
4 - Dragon's Fury
5 - Air

The first 3 are also in my overall Top 10... Inferno and Ultimate just miss out...
Your name is Nemesis Inferno yet Nemesis Inferno isn't even in your top 5 in the country?

  • 1)The Ultimate
    5)Tomb Blaster :--D


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^ Erm, seriously :?:

1) Nemesis
2) Oblivion
3) Stealth
4) Megaphobia
5) The Ultimate

Nemesis Inferno

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Waffleman said:
Your name is Nemesis Inferno yet Nemesis Inferno isn't even in your top 5 in the country?
Why should an username that I've had for 8 years even come into my opinion?

Inferno doesn't deserve to get into my top 5 UK coasters... Probs just outside... But that's not the question now is it?


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At the moment:

1. Nemesis
2. Rita
3. The Ultimate
4. Stealth
5. Nemesis Inferno

I'm not entirely sure Inferno belongs in that no. 5 slot, but I'm not sure what would take its place right now, so there is stays.

Edit: I just got one of those random SMTP errors when posting. I've no idea why, but the post seemed to appear OK.


1, Nemesis
2, Oblivion
3, Stealth
4, Infusion
5, Thirteen or Saw: The Ride (Take your pick)

I think top 3 are in the top 12 globally


Top 5 UK Rides

(5) Oblivion, Alton Towers

(4) Colossus, Thorpe Park

(3) Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park

(2) Air, Alton Towers

(1) Stealth, Thorpe Park


I had an amazing ride on Megafobia a couple of years ago havent been back there since but that would be no1 then i like the following in no order Stealth, Revoution, Rollercoaster (blackpool), Grand National, Nemesis, PMBO.


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1. Megafobia probably
2. Oblivion
3. Maelstrom
4. Rush
5. Nemesis

That's really depressing :(


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The only one I could ever put in an order would be The Ultimate, which sits happily at number 1.

Rita and Nemesis definitely make it into 2/3 without question. Not sure which I'd place above the other. Last year I'd have gone for Rita but it's not been running well this year. Nemesis is still as good as it ever was.

Megafobia is probably 4th, but I haven't been on it in several years, so I wouldn't be too happy to rate it at the moment. Based on my summer visit in '06, I'd put Megafobia behind Rita and Nemesis.

Out of the rest, it's a tough call. I haven't been to Thorpe or Blackpool since 2008. Possible coasters for 5th are Wild Mouse (Blackpool), Stealth, Speed (Oakwood), Oblivion or Dragon's Fury.

But since this topic pretty much wants a solid opinion, then

1, The Ultimate - 2, Nemesis - 3, Rita - 4, Megafobia - 5, Dragon's Fury.


Wasnt aware i put a poll, anyways im ging to alton towers on wednseday and staying at the hotel overnight, we get in early entry to the prk, does tht apply to every ride.

P:S: is the water prk their good,, we payed £52 for 3 hours - 4 people??

:)xxrobbie :)


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I'll seperate coasters from flat and dark rides, I really don't think it right to compare them side by side this way, so as far as the coasters I habe riden go:

1. Nemesis. I doubt nothing will ever change this, it is simply my ideal coaster.

=2. Thirteen. Yes, I know it's reaction here hasn't been the greatest by any means, but, like Nemesis, it just ticks all my personal boxes.

=2. Oblivion. Needs no explanation, really. Nothing comes close for shear adrenaline

4. Grand National. Incredible airtime, nice and rough, and it's a race!

This is where it gets difficult. I really can not single out one coaster which I can say for certain deserves to be on the list. I'm torn between Irn Bru (for mad airtime, and the experience of going backwards), Rita (which, considering it would barely make my top 10 until last November, is no mean feat. But since last summer it has been running really well and the reliabilty has improved), Air (again, not a CF favourite but has been on a run of form since November 2008 and that helix has been so intense recently, almost pushing me towards grey outs, and lets face it, that's not something you would expect to say about Air), PMBO, and possibly one or two others. But because we need a clear answer, I'll just run with Irn Bru.

For non-coaster rides, it looks like this:

1. Hex. Words can not explain...

2. Valhalla. So wet and so dramatic, it kinda has to be up here.

3. Cliff Hanger. A shot tower and a drop tower in one fantastic ride.

4. Flip Flop. Daft name aside, it's a great flat.

5. Ripsaw. Used to hate it, but based on my March weekend, I now love it.

There a a few great rides I havn't done yet, so can't really say for sure until I have at least been to Thorpe and been on rides like Megaphobia, T'Ultimate and JO.