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    Shockwave at Magic Mountain

    I was slightly confused when I saw the topic as my local waterpark is named Magic Mountain. But then I caught on. :lol:
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    Favourite first drop?

    I really like Chunt's for some reason. Afterthe top hat or whatever. Especially when your a shortie like me and the restraints barely fit :D
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    ^ Ohh, that's a good one. I'll consult my **** partner and get back to you guys.
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    Okay, I know I don't get on here much, but I really need some help. In tech class (shop class), our assignment is to build a flat ride out of wood, pulleys, motors, etc. Anybody got any simple yet unique rides I could build?
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    Least attractive B&M

    Scream at SFMM is in THE worst location. You can still see the parking spot paint jobs under the coaster. Although it's not the coaster itself thats unattractive, but it still contributes to the overall ugliness.
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    The YouTube/Vine Thread [Post all vids in here!]

    Re: The YouTube Thread [Post all vids in here!] The most depressing song ever:
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    Etnaland Theme Park | The Storm | Mack Megacoaster

    Ugh, I do not like those trains!
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    scw55's Mini-Monsters Contest

    Yay for the superior metric system!
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    Do you enjoy greying out?

    Meh, I could do without them, but they aren't horrible.
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    scw55's Mini-Monsters Contest

    How tall is the coaster in the picture?
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    SF Magic Mountain |"Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom"| Drop Tower

    Re: SF Magic Mountain |"Lex Luthor: Drop of Doom"| Drop Towe This looks amazing! I want to go on it so bad!
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    scw55's Mini-Monsters Contest

    Is it just the drop that is less that 42 ft? Because 42 feet is almost impossible to work with.
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    Etnaland Theme Park | The Storm | Mack Megacoaster

    That colour scheme <3 I hope this turns our well.
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    Bagatelle | "Triops" | Vekoma Invertigo

    I knew the park was Bagatelle, I thought the park was just trying to sound cool, but thankfully it's a fansite :P
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    scw55's Mini-Monsters Contest

    Re: scw55's Mini-Monsters Sure sounds great!