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Your On-Site Hotel Count?


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Ooh goody, another gloaty list topic!

Everyone loves staying in an on-site, themed hotel. Even those that aren't exactly the height of luxury, just staying on the theme park property always makes you feel a bit more special than the riff-raff queueing up at the gates. It's the little perks that make it - the early morning park entry, the buffet dinner, the free parking, possibly a view of some coasters from your room (always awesome!), maybe even a free fast-track ticket or two :)
So, simple one really, how many have you stayed in? Which was the best?
Feel free to rank them if you wish.

I've done:
The Big Blue Hotel - Blackpool.
The Safari Hotel - Chessington.
Both Alton Towers hotels.
Newport Bay Club - Disneyland Paris.
Hotel Port Aventura - PA.
The Colosseo - Europa Park.
Abenteuer Hotel - Heide Park.
I suppose Days Inn at Kings Dominion was kinda on site too, but in no way was it themed so I won't count it.

Out of those, I'd say the Hotel Port Aventura and The Colosseo were the best. Best perks, best location, amazing food, nicest rooms etc... And the theming in the Colosseo is STUNNING!


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Ooo, I've done a few which is surprising because the cost tends to put me off.

So far I've stayed at...
Alton towers
Port Aventura (Western one)
Europa park (can't remember the name of this one either. Gah)
Disneyland Paris (Santa fe and sequoia)
Wdw (key West)

I loved the Port Aventura one, great decor and big rooms. Don't really get the love for the Disney ones, always feel the rooms are nothing special for the crazy cost you pay.

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I've only done the ones at WDW, which I only have 2 of; Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach.

EDIT: If it counts, then Key Lime Cove for SFGAm(staycations ftw), and forgot about the Mt. Olympus Resort(even though the park was closed).


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Only WDW Coronado Springs (for a conference) and DLP Santa Fe a long time ago.
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For some reason I think we had a topic like this a year ago or so? Uh

Off the top of my head....

Walt Disney World
Disney's All-Star Music Resort
Disney's All-Star Sports Resort
Disney's Pop Century Resort (more than once)
Disney's Port Orleans Resort (French Qt)
Cinderella Castle Suite - Magic Kingdom

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa (DVC Villa)

Universal Orlando
Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando

Great Escape
Six Flags Great Escape Lodge & Indoor Waterpark

Darien Lake/Six Flags
Lodge on the Lake

Cedar Point
Hotel Breakers (more than once)

Kings Dominion
Best Western Kings Quarters (Ha, like 15 times)

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Big Blue Hotel

Alton Towers
Alton Towers Hotel

PortAventura Hotel El Paso

Hotel Ling Bao

And uh, not sure if this is actual part of their property... but Meliá Villaitana at Terra Mítica?

Also while not 'on-site' to any park, I've also stayed at Disney's Hilton Head Island Resort


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I've done,
Big Blue Hotel - Pleasure Beach
Alton Towers Hotel - AT
Splash Landings - AT
Hotel PortAventura - PA
Hotel El Paso - PA

I have to say hotel PortAventura was my favourite, beautiful hotel, lovely rooms, amazing perks, very well prices, excellent location and fab atmosphere.
The best for food is easily Hotel El Paso though!

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Hershey Lodge at Hersheypark
Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point
And one of the resorts at Disney World, can't remember which one (I was like 5).


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Disney All Star Music "Resort" - glorified Travelodge.

That's it I think.


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Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point, Mt. Olympus Hotel Rome and Silver Dollar City's Village at Indian Point. That is all.


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ECG said:
Hotel Breakers at Cedar Point, Mt. Olympus Hotel Rome and Silver Dollar City's Village at Indian Point. That is all.
Oh Jerry, you're just, like, sooo basic.

Mysterious Sue

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Err PortAventura in November twice. That's it.
I don't think they offer great value for money unless you get the park tickets (or an all-you-can drink package) included. For people who like Disney, I guess it's an extension of the experience, but I go to parks primarily for rides.

Personally I'd rather spend that money on a cheaper hotel outside the park and spend the evening enjoying some culture if possible.

I'm tempted to go to Efteling's village though and stay in a wooden chalet thing around a campfire. That sounds up my street.


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Mysterious Sue said:
Personally I'd rather spend that money on a cheaper hotel outside the park and spend the evening enjoying some culture if possible.
This. The only real thing park hotels have are convenience. Even then, some independent hotels are still closer than the "on site" ones.

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Splash Landings @ Alton ; meh
Collosseo @ Europa ; pretty good
Ling Bao @ Phantasialand ; pretty good
Port Royal @ Heide ; pretty good (appears to be called Abenteuerhotel now then)
Hard Rock Hotel @ Universal ; very good
Animal Kingdom Lodge @ AK ; very overpriced
Breakers @ Cedar Point ; expensive price for a cheap quality room
Hotel Rome @ Mt Olympus ; glad I got it cheap, 'cos it is.
Circus Circus @ Adventuredome ; pushing it a bit now I think, better than I expected tho'

Stayed at a few other Disney-located hotels too, but not themed ones.

The location/convenience factor is the deal-breaker for me - if I'm going to stay open-to-close in a big park then the park-hotel option is great, if just travelling thru or its not a full-day park then stay somewhere else/move on. Don't think any of the above (maybe AKL) I picked specifically because I wanted to go to the hotel.


Sequoia Lodge @ DLP is the only one for me.
The room was nice enough but nothing special. I guess your paying for the convenience of being right on site and things like early entry.

I'll be adding Hotel Collosseo at Europa Park in June. I suppose if you can get a good deal including park tickets its worth it, but normally i'll go for somewhere cheaper nearby.


Hotel Santa Fe (DLP)
Hotel Cheyenne (DLP)
Hotel New York (DLP)
Disneyland Hotel (DLP)
Hotel El Paso (PortAventura)
Hotel Colosseo (Europa Park)
Alton Towers Hotel

My favourite of those was probably the El Paso at PortAventura.


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Efteling Hotel
Hotel Matamba at Phantasialand
Hotel des Pirates at Nigloland
Santa Fe at Disneyland Paris
Davy Crockett Ranch at Disneyland Paris
Gold River at Port Aventura
Port Aventura Hotel
Port Royal at Heide Park
Alton Towers Hotel
Splash Landings Hotel at Alton Towers
Thorpe Shark Hotel

I believe that's it. I do love staying on site, especially when the hotels are as immersive as the parks. My favs so far have been Matamba and Gold River, absolutely loved the themes and the extension of theming into the hotels from the parks and how they blend into their areas.

I will also jump on the 'Disney Hotels are a bit ****' boat. You pay so, so much and don't really get all that much in return.

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