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Another Prototype on the Vekoma Test Site


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^But if it's in Dutch we have no idea what you you are saying unless we speak Dutch or use translate. For all we know (not that I think you are) you could be saying loads of horrible rude ****. If you want to message him directly (in Dutch) you can always PM him with the site.


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Ofcourse, we do always have to listen to a mod. They are untouchable...
Mr Rc is dutch and that is why I typed in Dutch to him. It wasn't a message for you.
So I ll do in dutch when I talk to him.
What ATI said. The forums are public and meant to be read and enjoyed by everybody who browse them, and to ensure that, we require everything to be in English. If you want to talk directly to people in another language, do so via Private Message.


Brian, yes i'm Dutch. But i prefer the English language here on forums (except on Themepark.nl coz its an Dutch languaged forum)

No i haven't vistiting Vekoma Vlodrop today (Wednesday), Why do u ask ?
I have seen a clip and a photo on a phone. I do unfortunately not have the footage. So sjaak, that is why I alert you. I dont even think it is nescessary to say it to you because you visit vekoma almost daily. But now you know.


I don't visit Vekoma daily, but i did visit on last Monday, nothing new. On Wednesday i can't visit coz i have to work late.
Maybe i will visit Vekoma on Friday.

Brian, do u live close to Vekoma Vlodrop ?


Visited on : 15 and 20 August 2018, still no change
Last visit 29 Aug , still no change
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