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Another Prototype on the Vekoma Test Site


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If you're particularly sensitive to cringe Youtube content, here's a rundown of that that video above says...
- We can see supports
- Ride will apparently have no inversions but many helixes
- It will have lighting effects and animatronics


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I couldn't resist - god that was grizzly. Not fundamentally the content, but the presentation (read: presenter) was awful. :p


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It's really weird seeing the underbelly of a train as I don't see these types of photos often. Now we all know why you don't sit on a wheel kids. :rolleyes:


They took all the chassis off the track except for the bare chassis where I posted pictures yesterday.

The individual coaches of Knott's Berry Farm (Boomerang), who were still standing by the container yesterday, are no longer present on the site. I assume they are inside to work on.

The intermediate coaches (I call it "weight coaches") and the last coach with chassis are at a different place on the test-site, near the spike of the track.


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Could well be that they are hiding the track from view so that clearance needed to poke through a false floor sort of deal.


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I know that Universal were working on that concept for their Donkey Kong coaster.


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There's also a possibility that that new raised car is actually nothing to do with the Guardians of the Galaxy coaster, and could just be that the dimensions of the chassis for this raised coaster are the same as the dimensions for their new spinning coaster, which would make a lot more sense as it's a more cost-effective way of production.


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To be honest, what the prototype looks like compared to the schematic more or less does not matter. What is important is the language of the patent itself. It is titled:

Roller Coaster with Passenger Compartment Motion Powered Through Stored Onboard Energy

What matters is that the passenger tub rotates by means of some sort of onboard electromechanical device. That's exactly what the patent drawing shows.

What I would find more intriguing is how this contract between Disney and Vekoma is written. One would think that Vekoma would be filing the patent as the original equipment manufacturer, but in this case they appear to be playing a full service supplier role.
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