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Your Least Common Opinion?


I guess some people love the smooth calm ride you get on a B&M and even some Intamins (Hyperion feels lika a rough B&M hyper) and some love the caothic style of a RMC such as Untamed and Wildfire.
Personally, the main reason I have issues with RMC are their terrible restraints. Sure, the pain is not as bad as on most SLCs, but my shins hurt after one ride, and if I tiptoe, the back of my leg starts to hurt as well due to the plastic edge. The layouts are fun, but it makes it hard to enjoy a coaster if every single twist and airtime moment hurts your legs.
I don't know how they even came up with these terrible restraints. Did they not consider that people can be 6" and over?
Nemesis Inferno is better than Nemesis.

Now to me I personally would count this as a least common opinion, but I can see why for a lot of people this would fit into a most controversial view as Nemesis is such a beloved coaster.

Don’t get me wrong Nemesis is not a bad coaster, it was just too overhyped, before I visited Alton Towers for my first time. To the point where I felt like it wasn’t even the best coaster at Towers when I first visited the park back in 2015. That actually went to Th13teen and Air, as it was post The Smiler crash.

Maybe I’ve just been rather unlucky and have had more bad rides on Nemesis than good rides on it, but for me Nemesis Inferno always delivers a fantastic ride every time.